Amanda de Cadenet?

Amanda de Cadenet?

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#Repost @shannonrwatts ・・・ Hundreds of @MomsDemandand  studentsdemand volunteers are outside the White House right now demanding a Senate vote on background checks in honor of El Paso and all gun violence…

#FBF when was 19 years old and even then I didn’t brush my hair or wear any make up. Not much has changed except I don’t wear sequin jackets anymore, and my husband is now called Nick not John. And today I have 3…

One of the most beloved photos I’ve taken , of the always gorgeous @KarenElson_  . Covering the nipples is appalling and it pains me to do so . But ... here she is anyway .. #TBT  #CheapDate  @baygarnett1  🙋💗

I spent some time with the formidable @PadmaLakshmi  at her house , sitting on her bed and drinking tea. We got into the usual ;hairy armpits ( I’m a fan ) eating in the bath , lovers who live separately , the joys of…

To all the courageous women who braved their fears and public scrutiny to ensure that Jeffrey Epstein was jailed without bail & awaiting trial ; please know that it was your collective voices that led to the charges being brought against him . Your bravery was not for nothing.

Thank you betoorourke ! Yes WTF the media MUST ask the right questions and they are NOT . #Repost  @mandanadayani  Via kelly.atterton

I haven’t had any words the past 48 hours . Just a lot of tears . For the families who are forever changed in ways I cannot dare to imagine . For the children , brothers , sons , sisters , wives , besties, daughters…

For many years I only photographed women . But then I realised that men seen through the female lens were hugely underrepresented , and I started shooting men too . I’ve photographed Keanu for over 20 years now .…


Internet pls don't pit Jennifer Anniston against Angelina.Lets stop perpetuating the myth that ones woman's pain is another woman happiness.

Watching @realDonaldTrump  verbally harass @HillaryClinton  is painful and a version of what many females experience every day .

Why's it all famous women whose privacy is so horrendously invaded.Why no naked images of famous men?This is some other level slut shaming.

Yes,we are many contradictory things.This is one bad ass woman, shot by another powerhouse woman @GirlGazeProject 

Just for fun here is one of the MANY examples of when John McEnroe flipped the fuck out on the umpire . I did not hear use offensive language like this . She spoke with force , clarity and made genuine complaints . #DoubleStandard  #SystemicSexism  #johnmcenroe 

Politics 101 @realDonaldTrump  : A single Senator cannot change policy . Even more reason we need more female democrats in the Senate .

Sadly it is true that most women do know what its like to experience some kind of abuse.

This debate reminds me that women get interrupted in the work place almost twice as much as their male counterparts #debatenight 

Sadly i can RT @KaraRBrown : Can you IMAGINE the news coverage if any non-white person had gunned down three white college students?