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@JustinTrudeau  @ErinOTooleMPTrudeau  asks #LPC21  delegates to reach out to those who didn't vote Liberal last time, had a blue or orange sign on their lawn, and this is important he says, "listen to the things that they need us to do even better. "

So I'm not sure what the results of the Liberals' vote at #LPC2021  (or #LPC21 ) was/is. @MonaFortier  signed off and didn't give the results but I have asked @braedencaley  and judging by the side chatter I am not the only person looking for the final policy votes.

Meanwhile in a few minutes, @ErinOTooleMP  will be addressing the Canada Strong and Free Network conference (the revamped Manning networking conference) -- bu #cdnpoliy  weekend.

@ErinOTooleMP  says provinces have been the lead on pricing carbon through industrial emissions, and we @CPC_HQ ( ) are going to respect that approach and try to have a federal approach that works with it... Later adds, that he will have a plan that "is not Mr Trudeau's carbon tax"

Asked what government programs or spending O’Toole would cut, he points only to CBC English Television and CBC's digital offering, which competes with the private sector (no mention of Rad-Can's French TV service). [Full disclosure: I get paid to appear on CBC radio and TV.]

O'Toole also suggests teenagers (dependents on their parents) should not have received CERB.

O’Toole points to policy passed/discussed at #LPC2021 , UBI, daycare, pharmacare, and says Canadians know those are unaffordable programs. Our party will be a party for those who want to work, he says. The Liberals' programs are "a recipe for a poorer future.”

Are you Liberal light? Lilley asks for two policy differences between him and Justin Trudeau. @ErinOTooleMP  points to his policy @CBCn  and rail blockades, he also speaks about his policy on China, the Liberals weak position on world stage, Trudeau's "corruption" (ethics).

Top 10 resolutions at #LPC2021  You can see a few themes here, and big support for basic income. Full list and resolutions here:

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CIJA isn't pleased with a resolution passed at #NDP21  calling for the end of all trade and economic cooperation with illegal settlements in Israel-Palestine and suspension of all arms and related bilateral trade with Israel until Palestinian rights are upheld.


Tam on the U.S., "they present a risk to Canada."

Canada has run up the largest pandemic deficit of any G20 country

Right now: The House of Commons passing a unanimous motion showing support for the federal government and 's actions re: tariffs in light of U.S. official attacks.

Once again the NDP sets itself apart in their communications game. Hard not to LOL at this.

Spouse of Trudeau’s Chief of Staff Lobbied for COVID Wage Subsidy Program Changes to Benefit His Company via @vice 

Ontario farmer goes big with sign comparing Scheer to Ford

I just want to take a moment to note how wonderful it is to live in a country where our political leaders come together in a time of crisis and act in the best interests of the country, and what message that sends to all Canadians.

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Opinion: Deporting Humboldt truck driver would be vengeance, not justice

Scheer says Trudeau is not living up to his own standard. Scheer twice sidesteps questions about whether he is sorry he compared same-sex marriage to a dog's tail. Actually, that is three times.