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The @afneil  'challenge' to @BorisJohnson  leads the @BBCRadio4  #MidnightNews . That escalated quickly.

The reporting of the fact that is happening is fine. The active encouragement of their use in particularly constituencies is questionable.

The gentlest of reminders, if you were listening to @BBCr4today : tonight's @BorisJohnson  @jeremycorbyn  debate is the second time, ever, that they've gone head-to-head. The first time, ever, was on @ITV  with @julieetchitv .

#Who @TheWhois  reviewed perceptively & reflectively by @Willjhodgkinsonin  @thetimes2  “Of the surviving 60s greats, @MickJaggeris  the superstar; @PaulMcCartneyis  the melodic genius; @JoniMitchellcom & @bobdylanare  the poets; Townsend is the worrier”. (God, we were blessed).

#GeneralElection19 In @thetimes , @pcollinsdescribes  himself as ‘one of those not well disposed to @BorisJohnson . It is an important caveat to a brilliant essay that muses on what might happen if BJ were to win a big enough majority to refuse calls from Mark Francois et al.

#Leadersdebate In the @bbc5livewarm  up programme, Prof. Sir John Curtice told @StephenNolanwhat  @BorisJohnsonneeded  to do was just keep saying #GetBrexitDone  Was the PM listening?

#JoshuaRuiz2 'Clash on the Dunes' doesn't have the same punch as 'Rumble in the Jungle'.

#Leadersdebate If you factor out spin-doctors, partisan commentators, hacks with an axe to grind, 'thinly-disguised' useful idiots, and committed voters, @Twitter  is transfixed by #JoshuaRuiz2 

On @BBCNewsnight , @christopherhope : "This #GeneralElection2019  is not being being fought in the country but on the internet, which is not a trusted space"


It becomes increasingly difficult for the public to get their heads around what is happening in our politics if supposedly independent TV reporters keep giving us their views rather than the facts. In the 'papers, it is fine; from broadcasters, it is wrong.

Domestic abuse increases 26% when #Eng  play, 38% when #Eng  lose & 11% the day after. Its shocking isn’t it? @_NCDV 

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If TV reporters insist on giving partisan commentary on political affairs it will confuse viewers over their role and the role of the supposedly impartial news organisations they work for. We need balanced, impartial, go-to outets more than ever.

#Grenfell Listen, please, and judge for yourselves. . I am neither pro- or anti- but isn't he saying w @Jacob_Rees_Moggat  he thinks he, and , would have done in s @NickFerrariLBCch  a terrifying situation?

#Marr @BorisJohnson "Do you understand the point?". @AndrewMarr9 "No, I don't. You're chuntering". BJ "You keep interrupting..". BJ "Can I...: AM "No, you can't..".

Extraordinary intervention from former @UKSupremeCourt  Justice on @BBCNewsnight : @KirstyWark : "What are the prospects of success for a judicial review of what @BorisJohnson  has done?". Sumption: "Very limited". KW: "Is what @BorisJohnson  did lawful?". Sumption: "Yes".

As an industrial correspondent in the 1970s, my memories of the unbridled exercise of collective bargaining, 1.5m unemployed, 15% inflation, the oil crisis, the 3 Day Week and the Winter of Discontent are as strong as yours are of nirvana.

I wish all TV reporters would just report the major interventions today - Michael Heseltine, Tony Blair, the Chief Rabbi etc - rather than spend valuable time & space with their own interventions.