Hayoung / August

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Hayoung / August

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remember when @donaldglover  stopped halfway through a freestyle to talk about life

Twista’s sign language interpreter though 🔥🔥

[UCC] BTS' Jungkook to be the first K-Pop idol to have a personal Spotify advertisement made by fans for his upcoming birthday

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Proof that pit bulls are giant babies 💛

Well it’s official...True Crime Documentaries have completely ruined how i interact with strangers. While out for a jog, some guy asked if i could ‘help lift his bike into his van bc he hurt his foot’ so naturally i yelled NOPE and sprinted away from that blatant serial killer.

Naps hit different after a burrito.

The world is going to judge you, no matter what you do. So live your life the way you want to.

All thing will be difficult before they get easy

Music can repair brain damage and returns lost memories.

How will @AndrewYangVFA 's universal income plan — to give everyone $1,000 a month — incentive people to work? “The money will go right into local main street businesses...it will help rejuvenate American main street businesses and give us all a path forward.”