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A netizen claims that EXO's 'Love Shot' plagiarized One Direction Louis Tomlinson's 'Back To You' https://t.co/s7q0n72kFE
[UCC] Watch BTS react to IZ*ONE and IZ*ONE react to TWICE performances at 'MAMA in Japan' https://t.co/bnWtWyc0dH
Black Pink's Jennie talks about going solo in an interview with Billboard https://t.co/2kFBiE9oIF
[UCC] Netizens react to '2018 MAMA' in Hong Kong..."lip-syncing, camera incidents and surprise appearances...what is this?" https://t.co/eHuZFiILEi
EXID's brother group TREI announce their official debut https://t.co/K4naKdsMtI
Song Min Ho says Yang Hyun Suk is his current girlfriend https://t.co/Zam10B8vtD
Sunmi shares an adorable selfie with her younger brother https://t.co/iRy7NQRMm7
#BLACKPINK's Jennie freezes up at the questions on dating, says Yang Hyun Suk is watching https://t.co/FAsbaEwZDe
#BIGBANG's Seungri talks about his business + jokes about G-Dragon's wealth https://t.co/JUfQjsk7en
Jennie says she will never share her prize money with #BLACKPINK members on 'Village Survival' https://t.co/UEAp6C2RYw
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