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I was told there was 1 Covid death today. How did @BBCNews  find 12?

Head of nursing at large regional hospital. “Covid is gone. I don’t understand why they’re shutting wards down.”

A friend tells me MPs were laughing at @MattHancock  in the Commons today? Sounds like a good sign.

The NHS has been protected quite long enough. The lives that need saving are the poor people with cancer who have gone undiagnosed for months because you allowed the NHS to close to non-Covid patients. A ghastly error not made by other countries.

There are currently 863 patients with COVID-19 in hospitals in England and Wales. To put that in context, 450 people died yesterday in the UK from cancer alone. Next year, younger people who missed cancer diagnoses because of a closed NHS will begin dying.

If they are expecting this second spike why have they literally just physically dismantled the Nightingale hospitals they spent millions on? Either they’re mad or idiots. Neither a consoling thought.

What a terrible period for broadcast journalism this has been. Reporters who should be drilling down into dodgy data parrot Government propaganda. Instead that vital job is left to clever civilians @FatEmperor  @AlistairHaimes  @MichaelYeadon3  @toadmeister  1/2

A friend just texted me to ask if her wedding in June 2021 can go ahead. She already cancelled her wedding this year. “They say cases are doubling every day.” See the result of your appalling scaremongering masquerading as science @CMO_England