Donald Trump

A functioning society doesn't resolve political disputes because “one side is worried the other side will shoot it dead if they don't do what they want.” The threat of violence is "the intolerable ingredient that Donald Trump has helped add to politics in this era" — @chrislhayes 

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Donald Trump

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The central story of American politics right now is that one of the two parties is *radicalizing against democracy* in front of our eyes. There are tons of other stories as well, but they all come after that, I think.

BREAKING: Sen. Leahy, who will preside over fmr. President Trump's second impeachment trial, has been taken to a local hospital for observation and is being evaluated after an examination by the Capitol Attending Physician, a spokesperson tells @NBCNews .

Gallup: 88% of Americans are not satisfied with the way things are going

President Joe Biden has ordered the Justice Department to end its reliance on private prisons. It's among several steps taken by the new administration aimed at combating racial injustice.

So, today I pointed out that Politico's blow-up over me writing Playbook wasn't about me being cancelled -- it was about woke staffers cudgeling editors into never reaching across the aisle again. Now I have a pretty great example of this problem in action.

Our Founding Fathers couldn’t have been more clear about the Second Amendment as an INDIVIDUAL RIGHT. SORRY GUN-HATERS: Facts don’t care about your feelings!

The entire hydroxychloroquine hype cycle was utter madness

IN TRIBUTE: Basketball fans in Manila, Philippines, created a mural in honor of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna one year after their death.

Opinion: On impeachment, Republican senators are as spineless as ever

Senate vote shows Trump 'likely' headed for acquittal at trial

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