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Mitch is right. What the GOP has done cannot be undone—but not just swearing in a Justice. “They have participated in a project that has led to the deaths of probably 100,000 Americans who didn't have to die. Congratulations, you got that done, too. That also can't be reversed"

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Justice / Americans

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Why did PA Pass No Excuse Mail in voting before COVID?

After a horrific accident at the start of the BahrainGP Romain Grosjean is conscious and walking to an ambulance with the help of the FIA medical team. Huge relief all round.

"It will take a brave judge or justice..." to take an election case -- Donald Trump

Trump says he doesn't know where FBI, DOJ, Barr, Durham are. "Missing in action..."

More people died from suicide in Japan in October than from Covid-19 in 2020. Women are increasingly taking their own lives as they lose part-time work and take on the bulk of family responsibilities at home during the pandemic.

I can't quite believe what we've just witnessed. I've never witnessed an F1 car involved in an accident remotely that big. Astonishing job by the Halo, the survival shell, protective clothing and Alan and Ian to jump in and pull him out.

“We’ve got to do the deep work of explaining the utility and the effectiveness of the US Senate,” Stacey Abrams says, on voter turnout in Georgia. “Not everyone knows that Mitch McConnell has been the reason they haven’t received unemployment benefits.”

And having seen all that, 19 young men will strap themselves back into their cars and go racing.

Black Friday: Rotterdam deploys drones to tell people to go home

Dr Ian Roberts and Alan van de Merwe. Whoever is staying in the FIA hotel, buy these boys a large brandy tonight.

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