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Fuck this I’m tooling up before it’s too late https://t.co/AAcjy8pu7V
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BBC Staff Have Been Taking The Piss Out Of The Sun After It Said They Were Asleep On The Job https://t.co/GvzblsQE6R via @matthewchampion
Full old vic statement a homily on the virtues of self-policing https://t.co/yrRoldZhsc
First they came for Tommy Robinson's blue tick
And I did not speak out
Because it was really funny
Labour MP Ivan Lewis Is Under Investigation By The Party Over A Sexual Harassment Complaint https://t.co/jJrUp0O5TR via @HannahAlOthman
A Man Who Was Deliberately Infected With HIV Says He Will Not Let His Attacker Win https://t.co/1LDvf0vYGr via @PatrickStrud
I'm fairly confident there's a moral here https://t.co/wIU07pUCsx
we should keep someone on an overnight shift to work this beat.
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