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The ALICIA Album drops September 18th!! I’m performing the music from #ALICIA  & other favs in a visual, sonic, emotional wonderland that @AmericanExpress  helped me bring to life!! I’ve missed you. Will you be there? Details here: #AmexUnstaged 

Fam!! Tonight is the night!! You are going to LOVE. THIS. SHOW. If you are feeling a hope deficit, I got u. We’re having a party to celebrate democracy! Tune in to #EveryVoteCounts  at 9pm ET on @CBS  to feel good and for a reminder of all we have to celebrate ???

We’re having a Twitter party! I’m (virtually) here w/ @AmericaFerrera , @kerrywashington , @JLo , @common , @EvaLongoria , @WValderrama , @thetanfrance1  & @GlblCtznmp ; . We're going to w #EveryVoteCountstch  on CBS (starting in 10 minutes!) and talk about why using your voice is important.

I have a voice⁣ Started out as a whisper ⁣ Turned into a scream...⁣ ⁣ Made #ABeautifulNoise  with my sis @brandicarlile  ??? Out everywhere⁣:

I started riding the train at about 11. I took the train everywhere! I was probably about 13 or 14 here. ⁣⁣ I thought I was such a bad ass ?That jacket and scully tho! ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ This throwback is giving me those NY grimey vibes...⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ What train did you ride growin up?

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Pulled up to @ultabeauty  to celebrate ??? I even left a surprise for y’all on some of the @keyssoulcare  offerings!!! ??????

The Songs In A Minor AK20 anniversary edition is out RIGHT NOW!! With 2 songs you’ve never heard before!! **Photo dump for the Fallin’ video** Where were you when you first heard this song?

A whole universe.... That’s all I can say

“I finally had to come to the place where I realised, nobody’s invincible. I didn’t think I could be flawed & be all the things that are just naturally human. Now I understand that. And it’s a much better life.” A Sunday reminder that we’re all human 😘😘😘


Today would be an amazing day to arrest the killers that murdered Breonna Taylor.

Vanessa, when you told me the Moonlight Sonata is such a beautiful part of your love story bc Kobe vowed to learn it for you, I was speechless... I felt the depth of your love for each other & your girls with every note I played today. The love between u lights up the world.

Y’all pineapple belongs on pizza. Yeah, I said it ???

Wear a mask ? that’s it. That’s the tweet.

When words fail, music speaks ??

I wrote this for all the people that work so hard & never hear the words Good Job. I believe in us though, I believe in the way we are showing up for each other & caring ?????? ⁣ Love to @THEREALSWIZZZ  @TheKingDream  & #AvenueBeatz  for creating this w/ me ??Thank you @CNN 

Sending you those good good vibes today! ?✨?