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“Trump comes in, he runs for office on this platform that from day one is white supremacist, white nationalist talking... He is talking like the fascist movement in the United States, which had been operating underground.” @professor_stas 

Looking for a long weekend read? I wrote about antifa, Portland's history of racist violence, and the unsolved murder of a young anarchist. With podcast @intercepted  @theintercept  #longreads 

Major win for @ProPublica . Can't wait to see what @mariamelba91 @LynnDombek an @MoizSyed  get up to with the rest of the team there!

Idk who needs to hear this but do not pitch people like this.

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"He saw the painting as an artifact of two friendships — with Ms. Neel and with the Neal brothers — and of a city that once fostered such connections."

New from me, with @JohnBolgerNYC  — Exclusive: NYPD “goon squad” manual teaches officers to violate protesters’ rights

SCOOP: We got hundreds of pages of internal documents about the NYPD unit behind the violent crackdown on George Floyd protesters.

The SRG materials reflect a heavy-handed approach to the policing of protest and echo the war-on-terror mentality on which the unit was premised, at one point referring to protesters as potential “hostile targets.”

“Training is the easiest thing for elected officials to call for every time there is a controversy around police violence. That has historically never worked to actually decrease police violence.” @changethenypd 's @JooHyun_Kang 

New from me: A billionaire-funded website with ties to the far right is trying to “cancel” university professors


A woman was arrested for failing to socially distance. She spent the next 36 hours packed in a cell with two dozen other women.

Officer literally just asked me if I want to get shot (for taking a photo of all things...) No thanks for asking, I'll pass. #Ferguson 

Police telling media to "separate from protesters." Protester: "let me pull out my phone, now I'm media." This guy gets it. #Ferguson 

The FBI showed up at the home of a state senator's chief of staff and aggressively pushed her to answer questions about a draft bill to ban police's use of tear gas against protesters.

New from me: Unredacted FBI document sheds new light on white supremacist infiltration of law enforcement

"People in the movement are shifting: They are not calling for body cameras and more training. More and more people are like, ‘Fuck that, take their money away.'"

"New York City is currently spending more on policing than on health, homeless services, youth development, and workforce development combined."

The Border Patrol has petitioned the National Archives and Records Administration to designate thousands of its internal records documenting abuse as “temporary,” slating them for destruction in as early as four years.