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Latest Scoops

Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi calling the mass execution of thousands "fake news" is simply staggering: https://t.co/GKiaMi74Xo
Reminder on this DACA repeal day: babies of color now outnumber white babies in America. https://t.co/34DwU3xZLD
Trumps DACA repeal will resonate sharply not just with immigrants, but American-born children of immigrants (which is, uh, a lot of people).
The ACA calls into question the American social compact. DACA calls into question what it means to be American.
DACA, more than the ACA, could be the biggest driver of votes in 2018.
Alonso Guillen, DACA recipient, died trying to save lives in Houston. His mother wasn't allowed in to bury her son. https://t.co/BZfhZG0dho
Remember that Arpaio was the sheriff who housed inmates in an outdoor tent city so hot that their shoes melted: https://t.co/DnhnIyAvSo
"Heavy is the head that wears the crown"
"How the alt-right dehumanizes people" (esp. Muslims, Nigerians, journalists and feminists) Chart here: https://t.co/9E9Kah2zgA
A four letter word -- especially as it concerns this president.
John Kelly probably wondering if his old spot at Homeland Security is still open.
"Top administration officials like to joke that working for Trump is like toiling in the court of Henry VIII." Uhm. https://t.co/Rnc2tehxIX
"Bannon's shadowland machinations" (!) https://t.co/Rnc2tehxIX
My takeaway from these maps: Beyonce + the Weeknd = national healing https://t.co/lWyakRj1NF
You should download EPISODE 2 of Radio Atlantic right now, where we talk about politics, faith & American life (!) https://t.co/bgIYf65LZR
Trump on Macron: "He’s a great guy. Smart. Strong. Loves holding my hand." https://t.co/5tUr4H9xQG
Trump says he didn't need Russian intel on Clinton because "There wasn’t much...that was worse than what I was already saying."
Trump now referring to himself in the 3rd person. Calls Sessions' decision to recuse "very unfair to the president.” https://t.co/b6wdzu8N4u
"Apparently unaware that the bill was on the verge of defeat, Trump spent his afternoon posing with fire engines" https://t.co/qiN9x8QpSG
Sen. Capito not mincing words on why Repeal Bill is dead: "I did not come to Washington to hurt people." https://t.co/fO7FYgNDq1
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