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Rebuilding a hight in the middle of a city is no mean feat, particularly with @thebjcc on one side of the highway and @bhammuseum featuring the country's largest collection of Wedgwood china on the other.

A look at how I-59/20 will be torn down & rebuilt https://t.co/r0Pvx29MeS
What are the plans for Birmingham’s Highland Plaza? What does the future hold for Taj India, Highland Package, and Hot & Hot Fish Club? https://t.co/6TGLENEKLs
CHECK YOUR FREEZER: Purdue Foods is recalling chicken nuggets that might have wood fragments in them. https://t.co/FLA966yRYx
47-year-old man has been jailed after rear-ending an unloading Jefferson County school bus: https://t.co/eHMd461o85
Via Airlines' newly announced expansion into Birmingham includes new connections for Mobile, the Mobile Airport Authority announced this week! https://t.co/iyidtROatC
The Maori Davenport vs. the AHSAA case won’t get into a courtroom until next month.

Pike County Circuit Judge Henry “Sonny” Reagan has rescheduled a hearing in the case to Feb. 1, more than a week after the originally scheduled hearing date of Jan. 22. https://t.co/iewJyyK1ap
“It's not good. I lost my job in November. We have two small children ... . Then the holidays came, and we were struggling for me to find work, and then he was furloughed."

Government workers in Alabama share their stories about coping with the shutdown. https://t.co/qogS16IZ1d
Watch the new ‘High Flying Bird’ trailer from @netflix, starring Alabama native Andre Holland.

The Bessemer native stars as a sports agent who pitches a rookie basketball client on an intriguing & controversial business opportunity during an NBA lockout. https://t.co/g8zBJ2xt4R
A disaster in the making’s just a mess. Until it has a name.

What do you call I-59/20 clusterstuck?

Birmingham, starting next week, will need some names. Offer 'em up, y'all. Let @JohnArchibald know what you'd call the 14-month interstate shutdown:
A so-called prankster who is alleged to have tormented emergency services in Mobile since before Christmas was arrested Thursday.

David Kass, 26, is alleged to have made more 20 false calls reporting apartment fires and mass shootings, among others: https://t.co/bbtH36Wzop
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