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Golden Circle for #AkaOrchestraOnTheSquare 50% sold out. Don’t sleep. Tickets available at @Computicket 🎟
You ain’t never lie ... why start now.
We kick off “BHOVAMANIA” throughout JAN/FEB at @KONG_urban NEXT SUNDAY as we celebrate Ⓜ️ORE LIFE 💸🎁 We have the MOST insane line up of BIG SHOTS 🔫💥 AND SUPASTARS ⭐️ DO NOT PLAY YOURSELF!!!! 🚀🚀
Ok ... back to my baller ass vacation. Paid for by the ANC. 😂
One last thing ... don’t tell celebs to stay out of politics and then complain when you need them to speak out and they don’t. #OccupyClifton: Our Celebs are so and so and such and such ... “ #Elections: “Stay out of politics.” Pick a side. Stick to it. 🤙🏽
Now ....... GO BUY THESE TICKETS BRUH!!!!! #AkaOrchestraOnTheSquare 💸💸
But whatever party you decide you are behind 🗳 ... YOU MUST REGISTER TO VOTE. It’s the very right to VOTE that generations of South Africans literally died for and we owe them at least that much. The Youth cannot be THAT disconnected from our history and our struggle. 🇿🇦
Over the next few months you’re going to see a lot of fist pumping and campaigning ... If you consider yourself a cadre and want someone to give you actual answers, tweet me over the next few months and I’ll try get some from leadership. 🖤💛💚
I am ANC through and through but I need understanding and reassurance of what we stand for and where we are headed. 💚💛🖤 Dont be afraid to speak out ... the ANC belongs to US. This is OUR ANC.
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