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Alright guys ... time to turn down. Last question .... make it a really good one.

Maybe a snippet Nyana before I 💤??

I’m going to shatter your face in front of your family. Sign the contract and stop talking to me through social media.(please tag this guy) NOW.

Broer @casspernyovest  sign the papers you short stubby piece of dog shit.

I’d like to apologize to anybody offended by my use of the word “Moffie” in a previous tweet. At some point, i thought it wasn’t a big deal to use this word. I understand now that it’s not acceptable.

However, when I lose my cool, I tend to lose it spectacularly. I feel like I’ve been baited for a while now and I want blood. I hope people can forgive me for such a epic failure of judgement and hot headed ness.

Sometimes your idiot self gets the better of you.

God Bless our soldiers, our police, our medics, doctors, nurses ... our Commander in Chief. ZA


A woman can say, I don’t date short guys but if a man says he don’t like fat girls ... it’s a big problem. Now how the f**k does that work? ?

You can’t buy this at the Gucci store.

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I’m hurt man. This match was bigger than football. The biggest rivalry on the continent. Why do we always have to lose against Naija at EVERYTHING.

The sooner you realize that you will never be fully appreciated, credited or respected for anything you do, the better.

PLEASE!!! Can we STOP. We are going to make things worse for everybody on both sides. We need each other! ???? ... please. Can we stop. We are supposed to be leading our people.

10 South Africans dead in last two weeks violence ... zero Nigerians. Twitter made you turn on your own country. Sies.

Next time someone says something insulting to you on twitter, just pretend like it’s in a language that you don’t speak or understand. It’s just words at the end of the day. Words from someone you don’t even know. No use getting upset about it.

If only brands could come together like this to pay student debt. Seems like they suddenly have money.

Let’s not forget. ??❤️?? Zim also won the World Cup today. NOW THATS the definition of #StrongerTogether  ?

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Come on. Let’s tag all those brands and companies who donated to that lovely couple. I want to do a free concert. All proceeds go to alleviating student debt. @KFCSA