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Don’t let these pseudo intellectual/activists fool you, nobody is listening to them ... therefore they have no power. Their musings and Twitter essays evaporate into thin air. If I fart it ends up on the front page.

Also don’t let these people make you think Politics isn’t for you just because you don’t grasp their complex phrases or johnsonese. It is not Opera, or Stock trading. It doesn’t belong to them. Say what you wanna say broer. It’s for YOU.

Yes. I voted ANC ... so what? You voted EFF and we both load shedded, and our batteries are dying. Now shut the fuck up.

Now ... before you go to bed ...

#FeesForALLMegaConcert  TICKETS 🎫 ON SALE FOR THE 15th of FEB 2020!!!! GET THEM NOWWWWW.

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Hahaha 😂 ... nothing like waking up to the smell of your enemies getting roasted in the morning.

You know, when they start writing 5 page twitter essays, you know it’s rough 😂😂😂😂 ...

Ayo!!! Here’s a cool idea ... ANYBODY that’s got their own t shirts, merch, clothes, caps whatever .... DROP ME A TWEET TODAY and I’ll RT it to my 4mil plus followers. The hashtag is #SupaMEGAWattPlug  🙂

Ag, maybe one day is one day.


A woman can say, I don’t date short guys but if a man says he don’t like fat girls ... it’s a big problem. Now how the f**k does that work? 🤨

If only brands could come together like this to pay student debt. Seems like they suddenly have money.

You can’t buy this at the Gucci store.

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I’m hurt man. This match was bigger than football. The biggest rivalry on the continent. Why do we always have to lose against Naija at EVERYTHING.

The sooner you realize that you will never be fully appreciated, credited or respected for anything you do, the better.

10 South Africans dead in last two weeks violence ... zero Nigerians. Twitter made you turn on your own country. Sies.

PLEASE!!! Can we STOP. We are going to make things worse for everybody on both sides. We need each other! ZANG ... please. Can we stop. We are supposed to be leading our people.

Next time someone says something insulting to you on twitter, just pretend like it’s in a language that you don’t speak or understand. It’s just words at the end of the day. Words from someone you don’t even know. No use getting upset about it.

Let’s not forget. ZA ❤️ ZW Zim also won the World Cup today. NOW THATS the definition of #StrongerTogether  🏆

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Come on. Let’s tag all those brands and companies who donated to that lovely couple. I want to do a free concert. All proceeds go to alleviating student debt. @KFCSA