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Indeed. Some were essentially child trafficked by the state...

Yo people I need a favour. I’m looking for detailed accounts of ship travel between London and Venice at the end of the 16th century. What the ships looked like, cabins and accommodation, passengers, frequency of travel etc...

Got lots of general books on the history but looking for a study specifically of ship travel then, any1?

Thanks to everyone in this thread. Very useful pointers Big ups 👊🏾

The clash was sick... even though Bounty did not play bare of his classics...

In fact while we’re here can I add two more? Lol... Black Africa: the economic and cultural basis for a federated state also by Diop A critique of black reason by Achille Mbebe, one of the most poetic politics/philosophy books i’ve ever read.

Yep.... Also Jim crow fell in the global context of US needing to woo newly independent African elites and stopping them going red. ‘Multiculturalism’ was promoted in UK only AFTER the fall for formal SA Apartheid etc etc. Geopolitics, b.

If you want to donate to the legal funds of people arrested while protesting in Minnesota I am told this is the correct link

While the scale of police brutality is obviously a hundred times worse in the US this old film might give you some context on why the issue resonates with people here especially as the police tried to have the film suppressed at the time...

Many of those families - as well as new ones - are still fighting for justice. You can follow their stories here @UFFCampaign 


A reminder. Current British Prime minister made jokes about clearing away the bodies of dead Libyans (the Libyans they were apparently ‘saving’) to a laughing audience and we only know because the audio leaked. Always worth remembering how these man actually talk in private....

Landlord spent £10million to put cladding to make building look pretty (for surrounding rich) for 300k they could have sprinkler system.

This guy really is special ain’t he? Does he *really* not understand that his decision to invade Iraq against the will of at least a few million of the people that elected him is what ‘radicalised’ (as he would see it) half a generation?

Man is officially Dr Akala now as I got an honorary Dr Of The Arts from Oxford Brooke's University today, safe.

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So i've actually just seen @Stormzy1  Brits performance. Why did u lot play it down? That's one of the most iconic moments in UK music

A 'pop star' from the hood got on national TV at the peak of his career and called the PM a criminal. Bro we got you, differently. ??

Also worth noting the list of MP’s that voted to keep the governments documents on Windrush secret

This is actually the best video ever.

I am not and probably never will be a Labour supporter. However I will be voting for the first time and I'll be voting for @jeremycorbyn