This 13-year-old was "racially profiled" and wrongly arrested during a charity bike ride in London.

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Nationwide riots, defunded police, DA's releasing rioters in numerous jurisdictions, people being attacked and even shot in their cars has really changed my stance on gun rights 7 months ago I said "absolutely no guns in my house" after the riots I bought several

"Braids are professional, that's all there is to it." Black reporters are celebrating their hair on-air.

NEW: A DC judge ruled that House Republicans can’t sue to block proxy voting because the Constitution’s speech or debate clause prohibits courts from getting involved in internal legislative functions.

The President's unpredictable behavior led advisers to hesitate to give him military options because they feared he could start a war

VIRAL MOMENT: President Trump pronounces Thailand "thighland" before correcting himself."

LA Mayor Garcetti now getting his cue's from ChinaAnnounces he will violate human rights if people dare practice their constitutional right to peaceably assemble

Speaker Pelosi: "I want to say to the American people -- just take pride in who you are."

116 students at a Mississippi school are quarantining after 6 students & a staff member tested positive for #COVID19 . The school opened less than 2 weeks ago. The state has one of the highest virus rates in the country. The governor made masks mandatory in schools on Tuesday.

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Florida’s unemployment system is among the slowest in the country to process claims — and Gov. Ron DeSantis says that’s by design. The goal was to frustrate users, "so people just say, oh, the hell with it, I'm not going to do that.”

Georgia teens shared photos of maskless students in crowded hallways. Now they’re suspended.