Police use of force is the sixth leading cause of death for young Black men. Here's what you need to know about the violent history of U.S. policing.

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"That video served as my final confirmation that I was doing the best thing for my life by departing the [US] permanently." Demetria Brown is one of many African Americans leaving the US for many reasons, including racism and fear of police brutality.

James O'Brien on Iain Duncan Smith's tweet on the Withdrawal Agreement: "Of all the Brexit bonkersness, this is one of the choicest morsels of utter idiocy." @mrjamesob  | #Brexit 

Happy 230th Birthday United States Coast Guard!!!!

SAVED: Three men have been rescued from a tiny Pacific island after writing a giant SOS sign in the sand that was spotted from above, authorities say.

Aurora, CO police held a Black woman and four crying children (one just 6) at gunpoint, making them lie facedown on the ground. Police claim their car appeared stolen as license plates matched a stolen motorbike. They apologized to the children "who may have been traumatized."

Good lord Democratic Portland Mayor TedWheeler's secret, unidentifiable, masked police are now attacking journalists?!? thank god we have a strong news media in this country to decry Wheeler for the next week straight about his gestapo

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In an extraordinary clip from Axios’ Jonathan Swan's interview with Donald Trump, the president rifled through a sheaf of graphs to claim that the US has lower numbers of coronavirus than other nations

Devastating video shows full extent of US President's mental deterioration. Trump presents as a man in decline, unable to absorb basic facts about the deadly pandemic ravaging the nation, being spoon-fed information in simplistic kindergarten-level charts

BREAKING: Senate votes to adjourn debate on the proposed #RevenueFormula  after a motion by Kipchumba Murkomen

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