BREAKING: The police officer who shot and killed #RayshardBrooks  has been charged with felony murder and aggravated assault. He faces a possible sentence of life without parole for murder.

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VC guys keep trying to make cryptocurrency a global standard by spending billions to invent less-attractive versions of Bitcoin, instead of just buying payment-system companies to make the most common cash registers and apps support crypto payments by default. Pro-gamer move.

'Beaten' Alec Baldwin seen at New Mexico hotel day after shooting

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Don't use biometrics for anti-fraud. In fact, don't use biometrics for anything.

New: Internal Facebook documents show its services are used to spread religious hatred in India. Company researchers identified calls to violence that coincided with 2020 riots in Delhi that left 53 dead. @WSJ 's Facebook Files latest. With @JeffHorwitz 

These permafrost communities in Russia are being destroyed because of climate change — here’s what’s at stake if the warming continues

Burj Khalifa showcased Bathukamma, a floral festival of Telangana on October 23. Telangana Jagruthi, led by MLC Kalvakuntla Kavitha, has made arrangements to play the Bathukamma documentary on the big screen for invited delegates and separately for local people.

US President Joe Biden will meet with Pope Francis on Friday to discuss climate change, poverty and the coronavirus pandemic.

Aerial footage shows lava flow from the volcano on Spain's La Palma island spreading across the landscape. The eruption on the Cumbre Vieja volcanic ridge have damaged or destroyed more than 2,100 buildings.

Regardless of whether a gun or prop is believed to be loaded with anything, has anyone explained why it was pointed at anyone and why it was fired at anyone? #GunSafety101 

Turkey to expel U.S. envoy and nine others, Erdogan says

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