Melbourne's air quality is the "worst in the world" because of Australia's fires, say officials. The smoke is setting off fire alarms. But the Australian Open is going ahead, despite players reporting breathing problems — one even quit a game because she couldn't stop coughing.

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Now Nadler is saying the exact same thing Adam Schiff said I can't believe this is real life In what insane delusion did the Democrats think this mind numbing torture would convince anyone of their case

Hakim Jeffries just made a key point: “At no time was there a federal investigation of the Bidens.” The U.S. never sub-contracts corruption investigations of Americans to foreigners.

Trump breaks his own Twitter record with 132 tweets or retweets as of 4:45 p.m., the most of any single day of his presidency, as he defended himself and lashed out at the House managers.

A new strain of coronavirus is spreading across China during the country's busiest annual tourist season. The city of #Wuhan  is shutting down almost all travel due to the outbreak, according to state media.

Senator Lindsey Graham said that Democrats are 'on a crusade to destroy this man and they don't care what they destroy in the process of trying to destroy Donald Trump'

The Chinese city of Wuhan said it would "temporarily" close its airport and railway stations for departing passengers. Public transport services will also be suspended as authorities attempt to contain the Wuhan coronavirus, which has killed 17 people.

“The greater the sovereignty you’ve got… the purer the Brexit you’ve got, the less market access you will have” – David Gauke, adding that “you can’t have your cake and eat it” @DavidGauke  | #Newsnight 

Breaking: Maya Moore will sit out a second consecutive WNBA season so she can push for the prison release of a Missouri man who she believes is innocent, she told the New York Times.

U.S. drinking water is widely contaminated with toxic "forever chemicals" called PFAS, says a report from @ewg . The chemicals were found in 43 samples of 44 sites across the U.S. Some of the highest levels were found in areas like Miami, Philadelphia and New Orleans.

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