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A group of female SNL staff members released this statement in support of Sen. and comedian Al Franken.
Roy Moore, accused of sexually assaulting underage women, said he first noticed his wife at a dance recital 8 years before they married.

She was 15 at the time, says @aldotcom.
Actress Lena Dunham apologized after defending a man accused of sexual assault.
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BREAKING: PBS joins CBS and fires Charlie Rose after sexual misconduct allegations. PBS plans to end distribution of his shows.
Beyonce is now the world's highest-paid woman in music, according to @Forbes. Queen Bey's income is $105 million.
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Want to switch things up for Thanksgiving this year? Give goat a try.
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BREAKING: CBS has fired Charlie Rose after 8 women accused him of sexual misconduct.
So this happened last night ...

Victoria's Secret model Nadine Leopold wore a Native American headdress and clothing. The #VSFashionShow has faced backlash in the past for culturally appropriating and sexualizing Native American culture.
New York City's cab drivers are bringing sexy back and helping immigrants with this taxi drivers' calendar.
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