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The Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum maintains the largest collection of historic air & space objects in the world. (ToU:

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Guy Bluford was the first African American in space, flying on STS-8 in 1983. Before joining NASA, he flew F-4C fighters for the Air Force in Vietnam and completed 144 combat missions. Learn more about Bluford: #BlackHistoryMonth
50 years ago today, the Soviet Union's giant N-1 rocket was launched on its first test flight. The test failed, as did the three that followed. A model of the N-1 rocket is on display next to a model of the Saturn V rocket in our Space Race gallery. #Apollo50
Pluto was named for the Roman god of the underworld, and its moons are very on-brand:
• Styx (river that leads to the underworld)
• Charon (River Styx ferryman)
• Nix (Charon's mother)
• Hydra and Kerberos (underworld guards)

Explore Pluto's moons:
Thankfully, New Horizons blessed us with even clearer photos as it passed through the Pluto system. This composite photo highlights the striking differences between Pluto and Charon. (Relative sizes approx correct, but true separation is not to scale.)
If you said Pluto and its moon Charon, you're right! 👏

Things got a bit clearer when @NASANewHorizons took this photo of Charon and Pluto on July 8, 2015, from 3.7 million miles a way.
On this day 25 years ago, the Hubble Space Telescope took this picture, which was the clearest view yet of these two celestial bodies.

Do you know what they are?
College students: join us for a summer of exciting projects and professional development. And space puns, of course. 'Cause interning at Air and Space is out of this world. 🚀 Apply by February 27:
On this day in 1961, Mercury-Atlas 2 (MA-2) launched with an uncrewed Mercury capsule to test spacecraft performance. The capsule flew a suborbital mission that lasted 17 minutes and 56 seconds. More on MA-2:
Both National Air and Space Museum locations will open on time today. We can’t wait to see you!

Plan your visit:
After splashing down back on Earth, Friendship 7 went on a world tour. A "Fourth Orbit," if you will. Over the three month tour, it visited nearly 30 cities and was seen by four million people. More on the tour:

The Most Relevant

We mourn the loss of our friend Gene Cernan, the Last Man on the Moon and a hero for the ages. Godspeed the Commander of Apollo 17.
“But seeing the Earth at 240,000 miles, my world suddenly expanded to infinity.” - Jim Lovell, Apollo 8 astronaut #SpiritofApollo
#Apollo 8 is known for the iconic Earthrise photo. But did you know that that image wasn't the first? Just minutes before taking the color photo we know today, Anders took this with a black and white camera. #Apollo88#Apollo50 50
Remembering the crew of Apollo 1. On January 27, 1967, astronauts Virgil I. "Gus" Grissom, Edward H. White II, and Roger B. Chaffee perished in a fire during a pre-launch test for what was to be the first crewed Apollo mission.
Today in 1986: launch of STS-51-L ended in tragedy. Space Shuttle Challenger & 7 crew were lost 73 seconds after liftoff.
We mourn the passing of aviator, astronaut, and first artist on another world, Alan Bean. His paintings brought the desolate beauty of the Ocean of Storms back to Earth, to inspire new explorers and visionaries for generations to come.
Remembering the crew of Challenger STS 51-L. Today in 1986: the launch of STS-51-L ended in tragedy when Challenger and crew were lost 73 seconds after liftoff. Crew of STS-51-L: Ellison Onizuka, Mike Smith, Christa McAuliffe, Dick Scobee, Greg Jarvis, Ron McNair & Judith Resnik.
#Happybirthday ! 🎂 Today in 1958, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration was formed. We're celebrating all #NASA60thday with a . #ArchivesinSpace
We mourn the passing and celebrate the life of Senator John Glenn. His legacy of friendship and discovery will live in our halls forever.
A picture is worth a thousand words. Neil Armstrong took this first lunar spacewalk photo on this day in 1969. #Apollo11
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