Adil Ray OBE

I have just watched a clip of a white man @bbcquestiontime  last night saying the racism accusations were “all getting a bit boring now”. If I went on TV and said that about homophobic, anti-semitic or sexual harassment allegations I’d never work again. That’s privilege for you.

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1. It can no longer be said that the Democrat Party is not Marxist, the only debate is how deep its Marxism runs.  Black Lives Matter is an openly Marxist, anti-American group.  There's no denying it.

5. that is, those of us who believe in America are in a life struggle w those who seek to destroy it.

People who prefer Twitter over Facebook tend to have a higher IQ but are also more likely to suffer from insomnia.

The moment this guy realizes this little dog is going to be just fine 💗

2. And it is fully embraced by the Democrat Party and its media and cultural surrogates.  Disrespecting the flag and national anthem at major sporting events, mobs incited to pull down statutes indiscriminately, destroy the lives and careers of those who do not capitulate,