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Adil Ray OBE

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We Muslim boys have supported England & English football teams all our lives, because we’re English innit. The reason why many are getting emotional over a viral video is the toxic, white, patriotic anti Muslim, migrant narrative that has become embedded in parts of our culture.

England may not have won silverware, but they have won our hearts, they’ve won our respect and they’ll be back again. We love you. #Euro2020Final  #England  #eng  ❤️

One thing we must do. It is now time for all social media accounts to be verified with official ID of account owner. Otherwise it’s just an unregulated cesspit. It will also weaken divisive politics. Silence the hate.

People of colour will know, this is what we hear when people don’t “have our back”.

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It is entirely possible to have experienced racism and also to be racist or support racists. You don’t get a lifetime membership card to the anti-racism club. We all have a duty and moral responsibility to be mindful of and check our prejudices on a daily basis. 🤛🏾

One of the largest hospitals in the country has cancelled all planned operations for two days as Covid wards fill up. The QE Birmingham. Happy Freedom Day everyone.

There’s only one thing @MarcusRashford  is guilty of. Shaming our politicians and the elite. He effortlessly shows them how to be a success by doing THE RIGHT THING. If true, The Spectator’s actions of trashing a young Black man (who feeds hungry children) smells of coded racism.

How have we got to this narrative of blaming the app? It is pinging because we have more infections. It is pinging because despite a record vaccine roll out, our govt ballsed it up by allowing travel from India to chase a trade deal. All roads lead to Brexit. Utterly scandalous.

It shouldn’t matter which side of politics you are on, but when it is a fact that our leaders have lied in the commons with no consequence, yet an MP is ejected for raising it we have a very serious problem. Rules can’t just protect the powerful. The system is broken.


Priti Patel’s parents & mine were told to leave Uganda & Kenya, in some cases to save their lives. After much protest (at one point they wanted to dump them on the Falklands) UK let them in. To think years later a daughter of that generation would pose for a photo opp like this.

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Muslims didn’t visit homes on Eid, Hajj didn’t take place, no Diwali for Hindus, no Vaisakhi for Sikhs. Yet at Christmas it’s perfectly legal to have three families over for 5 days - illegal during the entire pandemic. Never let it be said that minorities don’t put Britain first.

Stop what you’re doing and watch this please. One of the greatest deliveries of all time.

This mornings revelations. The govt knew Indian variant was in UK on April 1st. The April Fool’s Joke: they failed to tell us until Apr 15. India went on red list Apr 23. When UK identified Kent variant in December, India suspended all UK flights in 4 days. Utterly incompetent.

I have just watched a clip of a white man @bbcquestiontime  last night saying the racism accusations were “all getting a bit boring now”. If I went on TV and said that about homophobic, anti-semitic or sexual harassment allegations I’d never work again. That’s privilege for you.

Former BBC host John Humphreys has been paid by the biggest paper to write a column claiming Marcus Rashford (who feeds hungry children, help them read and gives life limited children happiness in their final days) wants to defund the police. He knows it is a lie. Atrocious.

We all have to do something to help one another during these difficult times. Here's a message we have recorded for members of our Ethnic Minority communities. Please share and retweet. #covid19  #vaccine 

The fastest-growing UK terror threat is from the far right. If it was Muslims fighting police yesterday, we would ask who RADICALISED them? Which new laws can punish them? Why do they hate us? British values? I don’t see any media discussing this?

My friends Dad is dying alone in a Spanish hospital. She is allowed nowhere near. She’s waiting for the inevitable call. Even if you think you’re ok you may spread it to your elders or someone else. PLEASE THINK AND STOP GOING TO PUBS, GYMS, CLUBS. PLEASE #COVID19 

One person in this image is accused of lying to The Queen, the commons, the public & his wives. The other represents his country while launching a foundation aimed at helping disadvantaged young people with university scholarships. But yes let’s racially stereotype the black guy.

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