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Now they see you, now they don't. 👀⚡️ #NEMEZIZ


One thing I've always enjoyed about EVGA's customer service is their willingness to give you an upgrade via an RMA. RMAed a GTX 1070 from 8/16 with a broken fan, they gave me a 1070 Ti, released 18 months later and ~20% faster.
10/13: Get informed consent from interviewees before you film or share a video. Make sure they know any risks involved. If needed, blur their face or film their hands.
All jokes aside I’ve lived & trained in Miami my entire life & literally don’t know where i can access a cold/hot tub, i normally wouldn’t use it until training camp but i need it really bad now that I’m consistently playing futbol, i must find a way to recover, please help me 😢
A timeless story of hope, passion, heartbreak & joy. FIFA Film crews take you closer than ever before. The Official 2018 fil#WorldCupm – OUT NOW 🙌

Available in certain territories on + c@AmazonVideoheck terrestrial TV listings in Europe & sub-saharan Africa
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Liverpool find themselves 1-0 behind against Crystal Palace at Anfield. Will they come back in the 2nd half?

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💭 Wayne Rooney: "If you take Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi and tell them you have to play here, you have to do this, you have to that, they aren't going to be the same players. When you are playing at Manchester United you are good enough to know how to play the game." [espnfc]
Question: had Brazilian voters known what they now know about Flavio Bolsonaro’s banking habits in, say, August would JB still be sitting in the presidency today? Part of me says probably not
🚨Final Reminder for Golden Goal 🚨

Back a team in the "90-minute" market & if they score first you'll be paid out as a WINNER 💰💰💰

🔴 Arsenal v Chelsea 🔵
Chehttps://t.co/VHxGqkU5jTck out the terms here 👉 👈https://t.co/5BOTjUOXQQ

You must now, and forever, refer to me as “Jailhouse Bones McGee”
Y’all are in for an incredible show I’m opening for Slick Rick February 8 HOWARD THEATRE! Make sure you BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW! I’m Rehearsing as we speak #hiphop #rap #music #concert #venue #performance
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