If only the FBI had been as aggressive with interest and investigation into the laptops when they were first contacted more than a year ago. And when they finally took em...almost a year ago. That’s what needs to be investigated, cause there wouldn’t have been an October surprise

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One of the most famous bassists in the world, #AdamClayton  @U2 ), joins @IanDempsey  tomorrow morning on the show! Not to be missed! 👀 IE 💛 #AdamClayton  #u2  #u2AdamA #AdamClaytonU2 #TodayFMa #Irelandm U2

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Around a third of people identified as close contacts are still not turning up for their second COVID-19 test. @paulreiddublin  on @NewstalkDrive 

Catherine Corless sceptical about delay in publishing Mother and Baby Home report

Covid-19: Number of people needing kidney dialysis has ‘increased dramatically’

Using nature to capture carbon must be recognised fully in Climate Bill - committee told

‘Too early’ to know significance of new Covid-19 variant, say HSE officials

WTF? Typical leftist fear mongering. You got smaller refund because the government allowed you to keep more of your money. A tax refund is just the government giving you back your money if you pay less in taxes you get less back. Try being honest and painting a full picture.

This election is about the people who built our country. Joe Biden would ship jobs overseas and raise your taxes But President@realDonaldTrump  has your backs!

A new Rasmussen Reports telephone and online survey of Likely Voters in Arizona shows Trump leading Biden 48% to 45%. Little over a week ago, the Democrat had a 48% to 46% advantage. 2% prefer some other candidate, while four percent (4%) are undecided...

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The Virus in modern media and in ‘journalism’ specifically is silencing dissent: censorship. I will say it again... “You know your ideas are crap when you refuse the opportunity to openly debate and defend them!”