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And candidly...I don’t give a damn who this helps or hurts. I’m just sick and tired of people who do the right thing being completely destroyed by the opposite political perspective cause it doesn’t fit their narrative. Fight for the little guy.

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Really? Joe you unmasked me 8 days before my father’s inauguration & helped launch the Russia hoax where your corrupt FBI henchmen tried to jail me WHEN YOU ALL KNEW IT WAS A LIE. Stay in your lane🤡! Biden: It's 'Crass' to Go After a Rival's Children

It’s time to vote...and dance! But mainly vote. Let’s go!

225,800 Americans and their families know the answer now.

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We are underway at 12pm AEST! It's Grand Final day and we have all the @NRL  coverage you need! Join @GibsMoore  and the gang and let's prepare for the big game together! #NRLGF 

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 Ax *adlir_ax   The Retweet Train Show AFTER DARK presents BAD TO THE BONE!!!!! bubba bad !!!!

Treasurer @JoshFrydenberg  (who is Victorian) asserting that Vic Premier is showing "callous indifference" for the 1k people losing jobs each day @PatsKarvelas  is right to applaud @DanielAndrewsMP  for getting the numbers of infected down to under 5 ... @insiders  1/2

You can't have a strong economy without strong public health outcomes - @G_Parker  @InsidersABC  How many times do people need to be reminded of this?

'I didn't know my own name': An entrepreneur on selling his design agency to Salesforce after having a psychotic break in his early 30s