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Legally blind doesn't mean you can't see...for those who keep asking the question...there are these things called search engines. You can find a plethora of explanations.

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"Fianna Fáil is committed to a united Ireland, that has always been its position."

The CEO of Retail Excellence said: "Emotions are very high and raw out there and we can't have one rule for one and another for others."

"Because of the high levels of community transmission, we're now seeing the clusters going in another direction again which is a very regrettable move."

“Deplorables” “Rubes” “Chumps” This is what Joe Biden and the Democrats call the American people. And it’s wildly unacceptable.

What is going in Nevada is unbelievable. Like my dad said there is no mail signature verification requirement! They are letting through 99% of the signatures for mail in ballots.

It’s time to vote...and dance! But mainly vote. Let’s go!

“They found the time to take phones away from refugees but couldn’t find time to set up a federal integrity commission” - @Jan__Fran  on @insiders  answering the claim by @ScottMorrisonMP  that the government is too busy dealing with the pandemic to set up a federal ICAC

225,800 Americans and their families know the answer now.

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Where have you been? The car is waiting to take you to the plane. It's going to be fantastic !!!! I want to take you around the world ... The Retweet Train Show AFTER DARK