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Rivals Underclassman Questionnaire@RivalsCamp  wants to know about all of you #HSFB  players. Please fill out this Underclassman Questionnaire ASAP! ▶️ Start Here:

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Rivals Underclassman Questionnaire / Underclassman Questionnaire / Start

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BREAKING: Biden administration official: Merck to help produce rival Johnson & Johnson's coronavirus vaccine to speed up supply.

FBI Director Chris Wray makes it clear that the FBI considers the mob storming the U.S. Capitol an act of "domestic terrorism." He says 300 people have been arrested by the FBI and other law enforcement agencies. And he added, more people are being charged almost everyday.

Vernon Jordan, who rose to prominence as a civil rights activist with close connections in all corners of US politics, has died at 85

“Chris Cuomo says he can’t cover accusations vs Andrew Cuomo, ‘bc he is my brother.’ Q for Cuomo (& for Brian Stelter, who is selectively interested in media ethics): Why did this logic not obtain during the pandemic? Was Andrew not Chris’s brother then?”

Wray is clear the FBI places right-wing/white supremacist extremism on par with international terrorism like ISIS. He is not playing the Antifa equivalency game.

As Republican state lawmakers around the nation are working furiously to enact laws making it harder to vote, the Supreme Court on Tuesday will hear its most important election case in almost a decade.

We are currently tracking 128 anti-LGBTQ bills across the country, including 65 bills directly targeted at trans people. At least one of these bills will likely pass today. Please read and share this thread.

Twitter says it has begun labeling tweets that include misleading information about Covid-19 vaccines and using a “strike system” to eventually remove accounts that repeatedly violate its rules.

FBI Dir. Wray confirms that white supremacist violent extremism is the biggest and most lethal segment of the domestic terror threat in our nation