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But it is a sign of what you want to read later. And you seem to want to read some very troubling things.
He has three tricks:

- Keep people silent.
- Punch hard if they speak.
- Say lies about what they said.

He already lost on the first and he seems not able to do the other two. That means he's lost.
@MichaelAvenatti @felixsater @RuthMarcus Michael: I promise to let you finish your sentences if you promise not to ask me if I ever looked at porn.
Did you watch @MichaelAvenatti on Tucker?

I promise my live interview with him will be way more contentious with 100X the interruptions! And insults!

Just kidding. It will be a thoughtful--but fun--conversation with him @felixsater and @RuthMarcus

I found the last pages of Woodward's Fear a bit confusing.

It seemed to be a big effort to dismiss Russian collusion and to prop up Dowd as some kind of hero.

But then it flicks at Dowd's lingering belief there just may be something to collusion.

What did others think?
Nearly 48-hours--on a WEEEKEND!!!--and no Trump tweets on Manafort. No Trump tweets on anything, it seems, they all look like they were written by others.

Maybe the Manafort coop deal is truly big and he is truly terrified.

And I have four teenage nieces who are infinitely more self-confident.
Damn it. I was chasing that story for months.
@JohnBaccelli I don't see them as credible, based on their many inaccurate statements.

If you read my story, you see I immediately dismiss the point they made.

That they made this inaccurate claim, though, is relevant and worth reporting.
Although, I should note: I, personally have never erred in any way and, thus, have no need to correct anything.

(That's a joke!)
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