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@Benignuman @NPR that's easy: not everyone's taxes are going down, only those who make more than $75K are:

@fopelka @AdiosPelot @ShannonBrownlee @NPRa If that's true, then it should show up in any of the analyses done by widely respected non-partisan groups. It doesn't. They did the math:https://t.co/nvIB0z2v1b


@mrmurphykc @Rally_Point @NPR Just read any of the analyses:

And find any well-regarded analysis that supports your contention.

Or just send silly gifs. It's easier.
@NPR If a reporter really wants to stretch for bipartisanship say this: a handful of Republican economists say the corporate rate cuts will help the economy grow. They agreed that the individual rate cuts--the key part of the bill--are a useless debt-increasing transfer to the rich.
@NPR Reporters can add: Leading economists of all political stripes agree that there are many ways to restructure our tax code so it would be more fair, revenue neutral, and support broadly-shared economic growth.

The Republican plan does not do this.
@NPR Some Republicans, including Ryan and McConnell, say they believe it won't be that bad, but offered no evidence to support their feelings.
@NPR Try this: Republicans passed a tax bill which, according to their own analysis and all others, transfers trillions from the middle class and poor to rich people and corporations, while increasing our debt and limiting the government's ability to fund its programs.
God damn it, reporters. STOP framing the tax bill as a fight between two equal sides. @NPR just had "Democrats say it hurts the middle class" and helps the rich.

ALL analysis, including JCT which is overseen by Rs, says this.

This, simply, IS a transfer from poor to rich.
@drvox @TheKateMyers This is a great thread.

Among other things, it's a call to arms to economic journalists. We're not doing our job well enough.

Even worse: non-economic journalists covering economic policy. I heard, watched and read far too many false debates on this one-sided tax bill.
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