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We are at the end of reasonable debate about whether Trump is hopelessly compromised.

It's not the crime or the coverup that gets you.

It's being very, very bad at doing crime and committing coverups that gets you.

We are seeing the inner workings of a conspiracy conducted by people who are very, very bad at conspiracy.

It is no longer journalistically sound to report on the Trump investigation as if it is a matter that may, or may not, yield damning information about the President.

The Ineptitude of Donald Trump’s Co-Conspirators https://t.co/9Mj9yTo2Bt
If you're not sure which of the Trump stories to follow, follow this one. Cohen is the key:

The Michael Cohen Sentencing Memos Are Damning for Trump https://t.co/byHqgOjZ7z
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One more example of Cy Vance giving a rich, powerful predator a ridiculous free ride.

Why did Cy Vance's prosecutor ask a judge to go easy on Jeffrey Epstein?

Just one of many disturbing, amazing revelations:
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