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@jonathanvswan @erica_pandey @axios It might also help readers to know that, quite literally, no other economist agrees with Navarro's vague, baseless, self-contradictory trade ideas.
@jonathanvswan @erica_pandey @axios Navarro tells things he knows or should know are untrue as freely and nakedly as Trump.

It was inappropriate to run his take on his own trade ideas without checking the facts. They don't check out.

Not too late. Please @jonathanvswan
an @erica_pandeyd do some checking.
@jonathanvswan @erica_pandey He also told @axios he had written academic papers on China trade. Also untrue.

Navarro's academic work is in regulatory economics. He has never had a peer-reviewed publication on trade. His trade work is in absurd screed form.

@jonathanvswan @erica_pandey I spoke with several former students of his and professor colleagues at UCI. Nobody could think of any MBA students who lost their job due to China.

Which makes sense since MBA grads are not the people most likely to lose jobs to China trade.

Peter Navarro misled @jonathanvswan and @erica_pandey in his email interview.

He claims to have soured on free trade because MBA students were losing their jobs due to China in 2001. It's not true.


Jen Banbury (my wife) wrote a lovely profile of Donald Hall 12 years ago:
@JHWeissmann @mattyglesias And, in the context of a President using misleading descriptions of cherry-picked examples to rewrite the global trading order along batshit lines, I don't get the practice of focusing how, in a sea of lies and bad policy, there are accidental kernels of truth.
The central value of Huckabee's faith is that we are all sinners and can all be redeemed through Jesus.

I have met Christians who truly live according to that value. They move and inspire me (even if they haven't yet converted me). They don't single out people for condemnation.
If one of the MS13 members in that photo came to Huckabee and gave their life over to Jesus he would embrace them and say they are going to heaven. He would, also, say I am not, because I'm not a Christian.

I don't see that as Huckabee supports MS13.

Among the weirdest aspects of the Nancy-Pelosi-Loves-MS13 idea is that she was making a narrow point in a religious event about all of us having god's divinity.

The group that most avidly believes that we can all be saved and go to heaven is evangelical Christians.

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