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How many of you sheep are going along with Newsom's Thanksgiving protocols ?

When I was a kid the "dietary restrictions" I had were about my parents not wanting to cough up for the Sizzler, not fake allergies.

Apparently "dreadlock" is now a racist term. I do find them offensive, especially when they are on white people.


CNN last week, "How are we going to stop these sunbathers on California beaches?!!!" CNN this week, "Masses in the streets walking arm in arm. Good for them."

Strange times. You can do nothing and be a racist or you can burn down a market and NOT be an arsonist.

Anyone want to know how Sweden is doing ? Just check CNN and when you see no stories on Sweden that means they are doing great

You want to put a patio on your own home it's months of permit bullshit. Want to take down a statue? Just bring your skateboard, some rope and a couple friends. No problemo.

Turns out the people dying from covid are old or sick or both. How many of you pussy's got played ? and who's going to get played the next time.

We're now saying teachers are heroes while cops are villains. We live in a world where the people who are actually brave enough to go do their job are the bad guys.

I learned two things tonight. Our nation is systemically racist but 83 seconds later, I learned this is a great nation filled with good and decent people. How is this possible ?

Seemed like last week during COVID all first responders were heroes. Now they're getting bricks thrown at them and called murders. Pick a lane.

In California our rule is if you play by the rules you get more rules. There’s no rules for people who don’t follow the rules.