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Constituency. on past form Green + SNP % will be less in the list section.

Scotland Constituency Vote shares with 71/73 in. SNP47.5% Lab21.4% Con22.3% LD7.1% Green1.1%

Explanation of @Keir_Starmer  moves would be that he is moving against those not fully on board with him. But is that the reason @UKLabour  did badly?

Word of the day by @joncraig : STARMERGEDDON

Scottish Tories latest. @RuthDavidsonMSP  describes her successor as leader @Douglas4Moray  as a 'strawn wee bugger"

@UKLabour  shadow cabinet team reshuffle is officially now on today - as denied yesterday.

Truly cringeworthy unfunny openers to #QueensSpeech  debate from Tory backbenchers @ShaileshVara  and Katherine Fletcher. They certainly need to build back better.

The bar is set low for @Keir_Starmer  probably just as well


Just a reminder. Dominic Cummings is unelected, he is not a member of the Conservative Party, he passed no civil service test. He owes his position of power entirely to the patronage of @BorisJohnson 

There are people of distinction in #TheLords  (some friends of mine) but patronage on this scale (potential earnings & a say lawmaking) is corruption which shames UK. #AbolishtheLords .

No 10 is trying to control the media, and everyone in our democracy should be afraid

ISC #RussiaReport  in effect puts UK Security services and Cameron, May & Johnson in the dock for turning a blind eye to Russian interference from 2014 on.

Many of those now advocating an early lifting of the lock are the same as the people who said #coronavirus  was nothing to worry about in the first place.

Interesting observation from Prof John Curtice. Votes for Remain parties: 52% Votes for Leave parties: 48%. But that's all over now.

PS @GuidoFawkes  I have been in the Westminster Lobby for over thirty years (since before you wer born) and am a former Lobby Chairman. I have never heard of an "inner lobby". This takes blatant attempts to divide and rule to a new level. So please don't lie.

@BorisJohnson  message: never mind the evidence, never mind the questions. The only thing that matters is what I say.