France like the rest of the AE is suffering a historic recession: economy contracted by 6% in Q1! Outlook for Q2 is even more grim. @SoberLook 

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Are you a Leaving Cert student who has not yet registered for the calculated grades process? You have until noon today to do so⠀ ⠀

Leo Varadkar indicates easing self-isolation rules for travel from UK could be problematic⠀ ⠀

Focus of force to switch from roads to parks, beaches and beauty spots ⠀ ⠀

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It's Foodie Friday on @PatKennyNT  and @garmullins  Executive Chef from the @markerhotel  tells us how to make the perfect spicy chicken wings

Infrastructure Improvements in Full Swing: Railways has dismantled old Talegaon Foot Over Bridge in Maharashtra after a new one had been made for passengers Executing maintenance work, Railways is making optimum use of COVID time to prevent any future inconvenience to passengers

She's the winner of the international James Dyson Award - and $39,000 for continued development. 📕 Read more:

'I don't have one cent left': Hispanic Americans hit hardest by layoffs