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BREAKING: Mexican authorities say death toll from earthquake reaches 318, including 180 in Mexico City. -@AP
Trump travel ban expires Sunday; new restrictions expected. https://t.co/aH4on3G1QR #abc15
NEW: DPS takes person into custody after pursuit ends on I-10 at milepost 91, near Tonopah. #abc15
#ICYMI: Arizona State upsets No. 24 Oregon, beats Ducks for 1st time in 13 years. https://t.co/x77x8b8rQF #abc15
NEW: Jaguars owner defies Trump, links arms with players during national anthem. https://t.co/vVBgGfZWlE #abc15
NOW HIRING: Eight places to find work in the Valley (9/24) https://t.co/LiPjD6q5ET #abc15
BREAKING: Sen. Collins says it's 'very difficult' to imagine backing GOP health care bill, leaving plan's fate in deeper doubt. -@AP
Iran, working with North Korea, shows off long-range ballistic missile. https://t.co/kd1ocbeAB1 #abc15
NFL owners speak out in support of players, against Trump. https://t.co/OgMVHCL0PL #abc15
Cardinals coach Bruce Arians agrees with NFL commissioner about President Trump's comments. https://t.co/MQunlM0ZRR #abc15
NEW: YCSO identifies 2 teenagers killed in Prescott plane crash. https://t.co/huL4qGrHTl #abc15
North Korea official says Trump is on a suicide mission. https://t.co/Cf00TmyhUI #abc15
Tenants may be able to deduct repairs from rent if landlords don't act quick enough https://t.co/BhiyciOz7i #abc15
Rock hurling teen tries to keep fingerprints off evidence https://t.co/0Bi69BmEiy #abc15
HIRING: Maricopa County launches program to recruit medical examiners https://t.co/8nbJABe7bR #abc15
YCSO: 2 people dead after plane crashes near Prescott https://t.co/g62dClqJON #abc15
.@MesaPD identified man shot, killed by police in #Mesa last night https://t.co/G0nXXx78pe #abc15
Looking for a furry friend? 25 pets for adoption across Valley. https://t.co/qZFzl2G5s0 #abc15
LeBron James calls Trump a 'bum,' says he's ruined White House visits https://t.co/pZ1qDDEQXC #abc15
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