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I am so damn proud of my brilliant and kind wife @Laurencorinne8 and her partner in crime @mollymaethomps. They were featured on the @TODAYshow this morning for their incredible work with @kindcampaign. Listen to what these ladies had to say here.
Love this lady! @PauletteEJordan you’re amazing. I’m routing for you this November. Get out and vote Idaho. Vote for whoever you want to vote for. Educate yourself on the nominees and let your VOICE be heard. I for one will be cheering this lady on.#VOTE

@realmonaghan I don’t want to give anything away but please know this...chaps will always be on my mind even when I’m not wearing chaps. You already know this.
I feel like I’m in a dream Dolores. Can you wake me up from this dream? #Westworld
Nice to meet you ladies! Thank you all for being so nice.🖤
Thank you everyone for all of the incredible birthday wishes!🖤 Each year I feel more and more blessed by your love and kindness. And to everyone born on this day. Happy birthday. Well done. Eat cake and drink whiskey. Or Mezcal. Actually, drink Mezcal. Love you all very much.🎈
This makes me very happy! Stay kind.🖤
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