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On @ConanOBrien tonight with the Breaking Bad crew after 10 long years. Tune in and watch @BryanCranston throw meth at everyone in the audience. True story.
You absolutely made this video! Thanks for playing with us. So happy you didn’t do the baseball thing.
Yeah Bitch! It’s been 10 years since the showed aired but @BryanCranston and I are finally back inside of the meth lab that started it all. We were having separation anxiety. ⚗️🖤

I’m at a loss for words. A dear friend and co worker of mine needs our help. Jon is one of the kindest people I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing for years. He’s in life support and needs our help. Donate and or share please. Thank you.
@cashideee Ok, try keeping 250,000 people quite about getting paid to march. Please. I beg you. Open your mind to the possibility that Trump is a trash fire that needs to be put out. The world is screaming and you decide to think it’s just a giant con simply because Trump says so.
Nope. That was me.👍
I love you Canada! Best thing about you is that you are a country full of Canadians and I LOVE Canadians. Enjoy this day. #HappyCanadaDay
@bohnes Let’s be honest, you are just straight up a better looking version of me. Plain and simple. I love when people think that you are me. Makes me feel good about myself.🤔🥃
*Spoiler Alert: Todd finally picks up his shit. September 14th. #Netflix #bojackhorseman #Season5
Love you brother! Miss you and miss licking your face. Let’s hang soon!
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