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The UK Government is forcing this 83-year-old great-grandfather and 73-year-old great-grandmother, who care for their autistic grandson, and who bought their flat in Edinburgh in 1978, to leave Scotland.

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Kathy Griffin: No one can ruin a career faster than I can.

Jussie Smollet: Hold my bleach!!!
They actually REHEARSED it so they could create the most outrage and stoke as much hate as possible?!? Terrible.

Jussie Smollett Case: Brothers Questioned By Police Were Paid $3,500 To Stage Attack, Which Was Rehearsed Days Before, CBS Chicago
I’m wondering if @KamalaHarris still wants #JusticeForJussie? Will she be as vocal about it now or has she moved on?

Kamala Harris: Attack on Jussie Smollett was ‘modern day lynching’
Rahul Gandhi has insulted India’s intelligence and hard work by mocking “Make in India”. He insulted the hardworking engineers of Railways who have put in backbreaking effort to build India’s first indigenous semi-high speed train, the Vande Bharat Express #SuccessOfMakeInIndia
Possibly the world's best skating rink... Olympic champion Angelina Sotnikova shares video of her and friends recent trip to Lake Baikal
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Remember boys and girls, it’s not a conspiracy when you’re right & with all the obvious holes it seemed logical to question this disgusting hoax.

This didn’t age well at all!

Is Trump Jr. pushing a Jussie Smollett conspiracy theory?
Vande Bharat Express is developed & designed in India whereas earlier designs (ICF, LHB) were imported. It costs less than half of the cost to import a similar train. It has set the highest standards in Railways & is already fully booked for the next 2 weeks #SuccessOfMakeInIndia
The president of the United States is a threat to the physical safety of journalists:
The president calls for "retribution" against a comedy show that makes fun of him.
Happening now: "We now find that Adam Schiff met was Glenn simpson last year. Why did he fight telling us who paid for the dossier. He shd hold himself to same standard. He shd recuse himself from russia probe" - @GOPLeader @SundayFutures @FoxNews @kevinomccarthy
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