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@deanvannguyen @AnfieldHQ Thank you Dean. It is most peculiar some think LFC being linked with a player is a ‘PR strategy’. The interest is genuine.
If, if, if, IF, IF (progressively bigger IF) Kylian Mbappe fancies move to England rather than Spain, LFC want to be part of conversation.
Best point to make about fees is when players are good no-one remembers/cares about cost. When they’re hopeless you never forget.#£10mDiouf
I do hope LFC club stores are prepared for long queues of those who just bought Firmino kit with 11 on, though. Could be a long Friday…
Mohamed Salah signs for five years, takes the number 11 & ensures Liverpool FINALLY has a new number 9. https://t.co/26NLyJsqlu
Pretty sure it’s 7 years since I joined twitter (got away with being off it for a year in the middle). It’s still shite isn’t it?
“What? You’re going to start getting fitter a whole TWO weeks earlier than everyone else? BUT, BUT, you’ve only had a month’s break!!!”
I see we’ve reached point of year where players returning to training ‘a bit early’ are seen as engaging in some noble & sacrificial act.
Sounds like they have no problems agreeing these deals… you could call it ‘Easy Terms’.
That’s £54m spent in a day by EFC. Either Moshiri’s digging deep or it’s a hell of a lot revivals of Blood Brothers for Bill… (no bad thing)
EFC clearly mean business this summer. Tonight they have confirmed the £24 million signing of Davy Klaasen from Ajax. Five year deal.
Everton’s statement clarifies initial £25m fee for Jordan Pickford that ‘could rise to £30m depending on team & individual performances’.
EFC confirm club record £30m signing of goalkeeper Jordan Pickford. Five year contract.
@Robbie_OR But the TV picks precede the Champions League draw for the 3rd qualifying round, so no point moving LFC game to Sunday, I’d guess.
Just hunch, but reckon LFC will want opening game kept to Saturday to ensure max preparation for CL qualifier – which could be Tues, Aug 15.
I wonder what stories might dominate the agenda after the managerial Press conferences during that time?
It's not a fixture list. It's an estimate. 'Your team will play this team at some point during this 96 hour period.'* *subject to change
Not much interest in last tweet. I'll try again. Here's column where I argue EARLY KICK-OFFS ARE CREATION OF SATAN.
Since the 2017-18 fixtures are about to published, can anyone tell us when the 2016-17 season is officially over?
So that makes Gavin Barwell the new Sean O'Driscoll.
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