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This time last season LFC lost momentum. Now they are gaining it. https://t.co/c6kE3e2r8t
Mike Jones is giving one of those performances that usually prompts managers to say: “I don’t like talking about the referee, but…”
An impressive comfort to LFC’s first half. As mature as they have played for a long time.
Klopp is currently standing just 30 yards from Van Dijk. SOMEBODY FILE AN OFFICIAL COMPLAINT TO PREMIER LEAGUE QUICK!!!!!!!
Today’s team sheet from Anfield
Unsworth on Allardyce: “It would surprise me anyone would rule themselves out of being Everton manager.”
Jurgen Klopp back at Melwood today. All seems to be well.
Some cynics might think the difference between the simulation & the real draw is there is a chance Russia will get a tough draw in the simulation.https://t.co/IbNxoDzu7L
Early opportunity to simulate which bottom seed England will toil to a 0-0 draw against in the group stage....
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