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Zeina Khodr

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#Lebanon information minister George Kurdahi says he will resign at 11 GMT to give a “positive push” to French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to Saudi Arabia. Macron has reportedly been pushing for this to have a card to mediate in crisis btw Lebanon and Saudi while in Riyadh

US State Department: we welcome Australia’s intention to declare Hizballah in its entirety a terrorist organization. Erasing the erroneous distinction between Hizballah’s military wing &rest of the terrorist organization is a critical step forward.   #Lebanon 

#Lebanon - anger is growing over worsening economic conditions

#Beirut - young men with no jobs … no future block roads - local currency in free fall #Lebanon 

#Lebanon: Worsening living conditions spark more protests via @YouTube 

Sources say there are no guarantees the resignation will reverse the decision by Saudi and other Gulf states to sever diplomatic ties w/ #Lebanon  but it will pave the way to begin mediation to end the biggest deterioration in relations


#Lebanon a number of army soldiers use live ammunition to disperse anti establishment protesters trying trying to reach presidential palace ; they were demanding justice and accountability following the Beirut port blast

#Lebanon - there are those who can’t afford to stay home; need money to feed family; Govt clamps down on poor not banks that are holding people’s money or politicians who stole public funds #Corona 

Health minister appeals for intl assistance - medical supplies stored at a warehouse close to the #Beirut  port have been destroyed -

Officials call it a disaster ... catastrophe ... but this was a man made disaster - negligence on part of authorities - highly explosive material stored at #Beirut  port where corruption is rampant & where state authority is weak #Lebanon 

Anger ... rage ...they no longer just want a new leadership but the political class that ruled for decades & bankrupted the state hanged #Beirut 

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#Beirut neighborhood Gemmayze - one of the hardest hit by the blast

Leaked data branded Pandora papers shows the tiny nation of #Lebanon  has the most offshore companies. But there is little shock here. They are owned by leaders, billionaires and bankers - the establishment accused of decades of corruption and mismanagement