David Hilbert / Martin / Universal / Göttingen / Hilbert

A delightful story about David Hilbert, from Martin Davis's "The Universal Computer" (this will be a long quotation): My own favorite story [about Göttingen in the 1920s] was about the time that Hilbert was seen day after day in torn trousers, a source of embarrassment to many.

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David Hilbert / Martin / Universal / Göttingen / Hilbert

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Some lawmakers and governors are hoping to harness the renewed wave of anger to push through changes on the use of force they couldn't manage after 2014, a year that included the deaths of #TamirRice , #EricGarner , and #MichaelBrown .

John Thornton, chairman of @BarrickGold , on China's move to take control of Hong Kong: “There will be some unhappy people for some time. ... [But] they have had a fair amount of empirical evidence that the concerns will disappear.”

Critical thinking is good for you - please give it a try! via @edzardernst 

NASA invests a great deal of effort and research into how to work across vast distances, how to help its people to deal with isolation and loneliness and how to keep them working at the top of their game under the most challenging circumstances.

Science Salon#118  Stuart RussellHuman Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control —natural vs. artificial intelligence —g vs. G —regulating AI —election hacking —Russell’s response to AI apocalypse skeptics Kevin Kelly & Steven Pinker

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Synthetic #redbloodcells  mimic natural ones, and have new abilities @acsnano 

Araniella displicata. A six-spotted orbweaver chillin’ at the U. #spider  #lovespiders  @ University of Minnesota, Morris

If you need some resources on racism and how it harms people, written for kids and their adults.

Rebeca Menchaca has been working to save Mexican#vanilla  for 30 years; its over-exploitation, genetic erosion, and #GlobalWarming  have #endangered  this orchid species (via @Univ_inenglish )