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Lowe Post podcast: the one and only Steven Adams on his unconventional path to the NBA; Russ and KD leaving OKC; the best and worst trash-talkers in the league; whether Draymond meant to kick them *there*; much more:

What an absolutely ridiculous 4th quarter today from Kyle Lowry. Boucher and RHJ also huge. Honestly what was most notable about the comeback was how fast it happened. Raps continue to be one of the best stories in the league.

Happy New Year. Chris Paul and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander are now a combined 53-of-90 in the last 5 minutes of games with the score within 5 points. Oklahoma City has the second-most efficient offense so far (BOS is No. 1) in such minutes.

There is no way to encapsulate David Stern's impact on sports -- and issues beyond sports -- into a tweet. Rest in peace to the once and forever commissioner.

Friday = 10 Things I Like + Don't Like, starring great NBA acting, two point guards making the best of it, Kevin Porter Jr., a big Porzingis question, much more:

Ben McLemore's NBA journey doesn't fit any neat template. It continues today as Houston faces a deadline to guarantee his contract. Inside McLemore's fight to regain his career:

One reason I was drawn to McLemore: we write a lot about stars and busts. This kind of story -- six coaches in five seasons, maybe entered the league too young/a little immature, bounces around, teeters, hangs on -- is so common, and not told as often.