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Latest Scoops

Military maneuvers prompt EU tug of war over development bank https://t.co/9wdEBZne7h
Theresa May proposes security agreement between Britain and the EU https://t.co/njkOy66V36 via @tictoc
May wants total alignment with the EU data rules after #Brexit https://t.co/9q2Z3g2wkD via @RobDotHutton #tictocnews
Defying EU row, Polish premier says courts becoming more ‘just’ https://t.co/fnt7l8yYmI via @ArneDelfs @MEStrzelecki #tictocnews
Security experts ask the UK to reconsider #Brexit. May says no https://t.co/TiZ8cL4ZVs via @RobDotHutton @patrickjdo #tictocnews
French voters expect Macron to let them down: @ChloeMorin2 https://t.co/dnR4PiZjaE via @BV
What a universal basic income could mean for the labor market https://t.co/4XOqdjvOy1 via @TheStalwart #basicincome
May proposes post-#Brexit security treaty with eye on trade deal https://t.co/ciR2FiNFMK via @RobDotHutton #tictocnews
UK's Royal Mint gets first female boss in 1,100 years https://t.co/OQWXdtZ0kq via @marketsjoe #tictocnews
Global slowdown may be technological shock, @AdamPosen says https://t.co/707BIVJgND via @bsurveillance
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