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UK's progress on #Brexit questioned after key point remains unresolved https://t.co/rCm9pI1B0P via @SvenjaODonnell @turnergs
Iceland gets on-demand drone deliveries https://t.co/JkvY0xZ9pF via @GwenSahar
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UK warns EU not to play #Brexit hardball over investment bank https://t.co/jLVpE9Ld2K via @IanWishart
Macron blasts labor reform opponents after Hollande criticism https://t.co/kuomepwpFz via @MarkJDeen
#ECB's Hansson shrugs off euro gains for now https://t.co/dyCeTj1fNB via @Skolimowski @ottummelas
UK Home Office threatened EU citizens with deportation https://t.co/Pj2k4eQv13 via @catrutterpooley
After 100 days, there’s still enough about the Macron story to keep disillusion at bay for now: @Bfly https://t.co/RuLK6KTqI2
Friends or not, Merkel says Trump deserves respect as president https://t.co/bWVEuosghp via @ArneDelfs @patrickjdo
QE was an experiment, quantitative tightening will be one too: Scholes https://t.co/p7T6eoOc6d via @markets
Possible solutions to UK courts post #Brexit: Falconer https://t.co/DiUkjM9eBx via @markets
The plan behind Merkel’s chosen campaign stops https://t.co/GwbFyIRBQT via @EddieBuckle
The EU and U.S. want to change the rules of the bond market https://t.co/i5ICdIra0e via @BV
To see how much central bank bond-buying has distorted market valuations, look at the lowest-rated sovereign debt https://t.co/5fMJjPOhEp
Inflation is giving UK Chancellor a fiscal headache https://t.co/N639ncW5JI via @markets
UK accepts ‘close’ ECJ relationship https://t.co/hvuwR9j4wl via @LondonBC
The pension fund giant that says politicians have been left behind by globalization https://t.co/649zsKZNzB via @PeterLevring
Economics has a sexism problem: @Noahpinion https://t.co/1GSgyer0Na via @BV
Don't think Mario Draghi is as concerned about the level of the euro as market participants are: Jefferies's Owen https://t.co/g6jy3CbXHj
Want to help the economy? Take a pay cut: @conorsen https://t.co/n6bXrVf4Id via @BV
UK is running out of time on #Brexit: @jdportes https://t.co/4hFch832n8 via @bsurveillance @flacqua
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