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#Brexit won't soften UK financial crime fight, prosecutor says https://t.co/YfoGd4Zest via @wildfranz @journosooz
Here's what's behind central banks' decisions this week, says @elerianm https://t.co/VYhNrpcskX via @BV
May appeals to #Brexit rebels, but words may not be enough https://t.co/av9p3BrKBX via @RobDotHutton @AlexJFMorales @TimRoss_1
For Brits suffering from #Brexit hangover, tour operator TUI has a simple answer: cheaper vacation destinations https://t.co/NpgI5eHfue via @rweiss5
Losing faith in free speech has consequences, @bershidsky writes https://t.co/bcg4NQ2PFO via @BV
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How to make a bespoke bicycle https://t.co/jrktWCpjcr via @luxury
Britain is in a dogfight to retain its warplane supremacy https://t.co/gKaQizH3Lc via @TW_Seal
#ECB policy could have ended the year with a non-event on Thursday – instead, policy makers are poised to unveil new growth & inflation forecasts that will prove fundamental in dictating how 2018 unfolds: & @marcusashworth@ScouseViewhttps://t.co/j9PthRyZpj
Sorry, but economics isn't ‘astrology for dudes.’ @Noahpinion says the analogy is silly https://t.co/fbC7XBxns3 via @BV
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UK is said to have no plans to change law to fine social media https://t.co/URpPl6ANrv via @kitty_donaldson @jeremyakahn @SvenjaODonnell
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