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WWII veteran could rescue remainers as Brexit likened to Dunkirk https://t.co/vxPAGLCDS0 via @StephanieBodoni #tictocnews
EU seeks migration deal in a summit with Merkel's fate at stake https://t.co/Vk0kmoKwVI via @nchrysoloras @gviscusi #tictocnews
Car tariffs? Europe is ready to retaliate https://t.co/NPuROpBrXE via @richbravo2 @Marie_a_Paris #tictocnews
Macron says the EU must share refugees, expel economic migrants https://t.co/DJOnzEDR64 via @gviscusi #tictocnews
Italy 'almost uninvestable,' says Aberdeen's Athey https://t.co/ZgMV5WuerG #tictocnews
Anti-Brexit protests hit Parliament Square https://t.co/s2V7JZrMOA #tictocnews
Salvini tells Germany next year will show whether the EU has future https://t.co/Mek9eINI5p via @JohnFollain #tictocnews
German cars are caught up in trade crossfire https://t.co/b5yy9Tt2RQ #tictocnews
UK's Fox keeps open "no deal" Brexit option https://t.co/14KgCckxDO via @AlexJFMorales #tictocnews
Osteopaths, divers and dance teachers warned on Brexit fallout https://t.co/FvcGDghHdk via @IanWishart #tictocnews
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