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Immediate backlash in the UK after Trump tweets about the country’s crime rate https://t.co/zwiaBH8UC5 via @ThomasWPenny
Catalans seek to use Spain debt as leverage in secession tussle https://t.co/WiK6sEN7hN via @estebanduarte4
Tories give a cautious welcome to May’s #Brexit progress https://t.co/f1Do4cvLHl via @RobDotHutton @AlexJFMorales
Austrian president urges Kurz to commit to EU, human rights https://t.co/db9bFseXpr via @borisg_work
May edges toward ‘specific solutions’ for Irish #Brexit dilemma https://t.co/YSUYWjuOJs via @DaraDoy
ICYMI: Rutte is finalizing his new Dutch cabinet after record-long coalition talks https://t.co/Qy3XC1YWBc via @JoostAkkermans2
UK’s May calls for ‘joint effort’ with EU on #Brexit https://t.co/kPx2P4kjQR via @bpolitics
Lloyd Blankfein better get his skates on in Frankfurt: @hecharts https://t.co/VBLSMikbw5 via @gadfly
May says going through #Brexit details ‘line by line’ https://t.co/vC9CWVpTvM via @bpolitics
Merkel says EU funds for Turkey may be cut after crackdown https://t.co/b6213PjgoH via @patrickjdo @v_dendrinou
Stay on top of everything happening in Catalonia: #FF @mariatad, @estebanduarte4, @bensills23, @bbmadridbc, @Thomgua & @rorihuela
Theresa May can’t speak for the UK: Man Group CEO https://t.co/LYBiVDfQjT via @bsurveillance @flacqua
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