ZIP! 日テレ

河童フォーマー「ローズヒップファニーファニー」がワラガチャ!初登場! 彼らの間に挟まれているのは河童!? 一体どんなコントが披露されるのか、想像を絶する展開をお楽しみに!? ⏰あさ6時20分ごろお届けします! ! ! ! #明日のZIP #ワラガチャ #ZIP 

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Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.

❤️ emojis and movies? 👀 You have a great chance of winning on Monday. #StarMoviesPlayAt7  | Dec 16, 7 PM T&Cs Apply. @BoredBroacha  @NevilleSays 

More than 90 percent of people are no longer friends with someone that they once called their best friend.

Sometimes, the thing you most want, doesn't happen. And sometimes, the thing you never expect to happen, does.

An incredible match comes to a close and @OfficialKRU  cause another upset at the #CapeTown7s . Final Score: KEN 12 AUS 7

Missing someone and not being able to do anything about it generally makes people moody, easily annoyed and/or emotionally frustrated.