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#Beliebers show @justinbieber you’re the #BestFanArmy - Keep voting through the @iHeartRadio #iHeartAwards
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#Beliebers show @justinbieber you’re the #BestFanArmy - Keep voting through the @iHeartRadio #iHeartAwards


Reminder!! Tomorrow the pre-sale starts for my DC show!!! If you want me to send you the pre-sale code tomorrow all you have to do is text KATHY to 345345 right now!

Show Date: September 8th
Venue: DAR Constitution Hall
What's your craziest story of that time you got into the concert for free??? - Submit to info@popdust.com -Best answers get 2 tickets for Red Wanting Blue's JUNE 22nd show at Bowery Ballroom in NYC this Friday!! https://t.co/UCgI73oihj
My Radio City Hall show in NYC is in six days!! I can't wait! Thank you for all the love and support.

Click here to buy tickets: https://t.co/2A8rE3mlho
You have the ability through God’s law of thought to create anything just like God and this unique power placed within you is so extraordinary that you are always attracting things into your life constantly day and night” ~ Edward Ellis
It's Hashtags time! Tweet out a funny, weird, or embarrassing story about a time you went on vacation and tag it with #SummerVacationFail. Could be on the show!
I am going to put this out there in the off chance it can be found. The photographer who shot my Charity Horse Show event lost the image wallet the Sunday after the show in San Diego. It looks just like a real wallet but has digital cards. Maybe you found it? Let me know.
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