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#Beliebers show @justinbieber you’re the #BestFanArmy - Keep voting through the @iHeartRadio #iHeartAwards
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#Beliebers show @justinbieber you’re the #BestFanArmy - Keep voting through the @iHeartRadio #iHeartAwards


Happiest of birthdays to the big time love of my life. Loving you makes me feel like we did something right. Thanks for making me go on this Ferris wheel. Thanks for loving me through life's ups and downs. Let's ride the waves together forever. ♥️ @heyyyella
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This National Voter Registration Day, research the voting rights in your state and make a plan to vote. By making your voice heard at the polls, you can determine the future of our country’s criminal justice system. Call https://t.co/2F1Uc6A3TO to know your rights. #NVRD
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On a plane and not loving the book I brought. Any of you want to keep me company with a Q&A?
Russ gotta the dumbest one on this show. Tried to get his niece to slip up and pretty much saw right through it. Russ is more upset that Petty outed him #Ozark
Did you miss the Gerry Kelly show at the weekend? Well fear not, you can catch up with some great sessions from @theruaofficial, @nathanoregan and @TaggartDonna, plus interviews from @petetong and Steve Garrigan from @Kodaline https://t.co/VMGNgn3Ms3
Despite your natural glow shining through the day, you can reap the infinite benefits of these face oilsserums, no matter what your skin type.
A huge thank you to everyone who came to the show in Medellin.. 🇨🇴
This is solid GOLD! The funniest four minutes of Quiz Show Confusion you will EVER see... 😂 #Letterbox
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