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BREAKING: Chairwoman of South African Medical Association says so far those infected with Omicron variant have been having 'sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two', without loss of taste or smell.

BREAKING: Chairwoman of South African Medical Association says Omicron coronavirus variant is causing 'mild disease' and 'no prominent symptoms'

Canada's indigenous health expert Carrie Bourassa loses job when ancestry claims prove false

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NEW FROM @JohnRLottJr : “It isn’t hard to see why so many Americans fear that eventual confiscation is the end game. Under the label of 'reasonable' gun control laws, Democrats keep pushing rules to end private firearm ownership.” Read more➡️

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Priti Patel blames ‘evil’ gangs for Channel crossings but the reality is far more complicated

It took the Trump Administration 11 months to develop its first COVID-19 vaccine after the first confirmed coronavirus case emerged in the United States.

Washington state residents are preparing for possible flooding as “atmospheric rivers” -- plumes of moisture extending over the Pacific Ocean and into the Northwest -- threaten parts of the region, which saw damage from extreme weather earlier this month.

ICYMI: November 24, 2021, marks 30 years since Freddie Mercury’s death. The charismatic singer and rock band ‘Queen’ frontman was born in Zanzibar but moved with his family to Britain in 1964 changing his name from Farrokh Bulsara to Freddie Mercury