Sweat / Tears / Watch Burn Stage Youtube Red

Their Blood, Sweat, and Tears went into this tour. Watch Burn The Stage now on YouTube Red! #BTSxYouTubeRed  #BurnTheStageIsComing 

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Sweat / Tears / Watch Burn Stage Youtube Red

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Exclusive: @theweeknd , @RoddyRicch , and more announced as @vmas  performers #VMAS  DETAILS:

The term “checkmate” comes from the Persian phrase “shah mat” which means “the king is dead.”

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When you're part of an underrepresented community, working towards your goals feels like pushing against a door that's been jammed shut. In theory, the door can open. You're just gonna have to be the one to do it.

Heads up, stargazers: The Perseid meteor shower, which NASA calls the "best meteor shower of the year," will peak late tonight into early tomorrow

"Look at what you're doing over a mask! She's a girl! You're choking her!" (via @toofab )

I just wanna tell queer stories, play queer characters, and make queer shit.

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