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What about ‘black on black’ violence? A thread for the ultimate pretend counter argument...

A Trump-loving city elected an African refugee mayor? See for yourself. @roywoodjr  reports:

Have been told it’s starting Just slow Do not leave

#SixTONESANN is trending at #1  worldwide on Twitter! 💎💎💎💎💎💎🥇🌎🔥👑 @SixTONES_info 

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Dog needs to watch over his baby brother whenever he’s in the tub 💗

[User Content] BTS's V Crowned With The Title Of "The Best Face in the World 2020"

I think this is cool but you gotta give more of an indication of how much time people should budget. I figured this wouldn’t go past ten minutes

While the asteroid may seem daunting, it will pass by Earth at a safe distance. 🌠

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As protest marches ring out across America and the world, I’m reminded of a story I did about the history of one of the most timeless protest anthems in history, This Little Light of Mine. Read and listen here: