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Latest Scoops

Congratulations to @daddy_yankee on an incredible year! #YouTubeRewind

Watch his most recent video, "Adictiva," here: https://t.co/dz2N957Iem
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Happy birthday!
December birthdays: we see you. https://t.co/1FRSwBpvF1
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. will be live on the red carpet at this year’s in partners#FashionAwardship with . Join us at 5:30pm GMT on Monday, 10th December. Set your reminder now → https://t.co/rs9ieylClS
Mastanamma was 105 when she started her YouTube channel. By the time she died, she had over a million subscribers and had become the world's oldest celebrity chef. Her legacy lives onhttps://t.co/PyvaEWjI5R: .
Hey Arianators! If you're in NYC or LA, we have a special treat for you. Head to https://t.co/YwVBCzyQ7V on your phone to check it out. Share what you find using #DangerousWomanDiaries and don't forget, Episode 2 is out now: https://t.co/0VWWeiFwJg.
It really is important that you keep spreading the word! Make a video about Article 13 and tweet it with the hashtag . #SaveYourInternet
Get a behind the scenes look at our new YouTube Original #ChampaignILL starring and . All episodes streaming on 12/12. Watch the full video here: https://t.co/SMHUEoSC4l
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1) has a new YouTube show called "Untamed."

2) This episode is called "Hummingbird Battleground."

3) It is a MOOD. https://t.co/FSOYkgPlKt
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We let the creators drive this year's #YouTubeRewind. Here's what happened: https://t.co/r7XpCWRugk
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