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lol watch this

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📱Relieve your FOMO and watch #YouTubeOnStage from the comfort of your phone: https://t.co/lGtOkPIOPS.

🚨LIVE NOW🚨: YouTube Exec @nealmohan talks with creators @KatiMorton and @KurtHSchneider about what's up next → https://t.co/5XsfRxqRZk
#ETN3 is live! @JoeyGraceffa and some of his closest friends embark on another one-of-a-kind adventure—you'll never guess the twist. Watch the first episode now: https://t.co/6z7G2skPme
It is yes
Can’t make it to #VidCon? Catch the fun via livestream:

YouTube Keynote→https://t.co/5XsfRxqRZk

Remembering Koko the gorilla, 1971—2018. https://t.co/Er3Q4LtoVq
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Happy #SummerSolstice! Celebrate with this midsummer song from @CamilleKennerly: https://t.co/4uCCHG6Evn.
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Here is a tiny tenrec at @dallaszoo celebrating his birthday with a tiny cake. https://t.co/6Q0ZYsmoNH
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*whispers* it's also called football
When someone asks if you're a soccer fan, but you're too busy solving your ⚽️-shaped Rubik's c̶u̶b̶e̶ to answer them. https://t.co/s8HQ9RSg5H
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