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(2nd LD) S. Korea, U.S. hold 10th round of defense cost talks https://t.co/AWE8txvU1j
Improving teen figure skater determined to move at own pace https://t.co/HSGYrOujyB
(LEAD) S. Korea football coach says Asian Cup roster open to all players https://t.co/o41XJ5erVV
Back from injury, left back vows to make Asian Cup squad https://t.co/vXvolBlZVU
Hyundai Palisade is solid, affordable choice for SUV buyers https://t.co/qmnxJfoOHh
(2nd LD) Four-term female lawmaker elected main opposition party's floor leader https://t.co/jsUxxXYuNg
(LEAD) Moon receives briefing from education, labor ministries on 2019 policy plans https://t.co/Bjmdbu04aJ
S. Korea football coach says Asian Cup roster open to all players https://t.co/COnv6gJ3Eo
At SOFA talks, allies pledge to cooperate on smooth base return, environmental protection https://t.co/aeQgfs4OME
Posthumous exhibit celebrates lesser-known abstract art pioneer Han Mook https://t.co/0m67Hv8qHY
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