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Morning Anchor at KOMO News. Two time Emmy Award Winning News Reporter. Filmmaker: Arnold Knows Me: The Tommy Kono Story -

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Tonight on #KOMONews at 11pm
We continue the gun debate and concealed weapons (CPL in WA) conversation by talking about the potential consequences a good samaritan faces by using their weapon in public.
This is Part 2 of our series on @komonews
#GunDebate #GunRights #GunControl
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Taller and bigger buildings coming to a neighborhood near you?
#upzoning talks creates a divide across Seattle
Watch the Video"
A "humpback" whale saying hello in Puget Sound. This definitely put a smile on my face.
#SoNorthwest #Air4
Police asking neighbors to check their security cameras --"serial burglar" on the loose targeting homes in Edmonds...
At least a dozen homes hit last month... five this past week.
Another "arson"? Fire breaks out again -- just days after an historic building burns down in Bellingham...
Somebody’s Starbuck’s coffee ☕️ drink is lonely 😔 @parisjKOMO
Neighbors in Sammamish fight back against "racist" graffiti with posters promoting "Love Not Hate"
#KOMONews #SoNorthwest
FAA give the ok for commercial flights to begin at @FlyPaineField -- @AlaskaAir to begin flights on March 4th -- @united on March 31st.
Caught on camera:
@BellinghamPD release surveillance video of "Person of interest" -- wanted in the fire that destroyed pet supply store...
@deniseonKOMO with the latest on the investigation
#KOMONews at 5:00am

The Most Relevant

When you wake up early in the morning and see #KPOP is trending in Seattle -- after the group Winner performed in town.
#BREAKING overnight - a new chapter in the Amanda Knox story.
European court orders Italy to $20-thousand in damages to Knox for mistreatment during murder trial.
Gotta love #ichiro still climbing walls and robbing home runs for the @Mariners ⚾️ #KOMONews #Mariners
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Standing ovation for and and choir after "The Flying Lotus" performance #FlyingLotus #KOMONews
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Yes!!! What a sight!!! #BlueAngels buzzing the top of the - practicing for this weekend #KOMONews #SoNorthwest #seafair
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Huge crowd of pink - making its way down 4th Street towards Seattle Center #womensmarch #komonews #timelapse #SeattleWomensMarch
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That was insane!!! Cal QB does a flip into the endzone.... Cougs looked stunned #komonews
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Congrats to Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson. Born in #Bellingham - attended in WA - has a cha#Ferndalempion #SBLII #SoNorthwest #komonews #FlyEaglesFly
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