George Floyd / Minneapolis

'Umbrella Man,’ who broke windows at George Floyd protest in Minneapolis is a white supremacist who allegedly sought to “incite violence. It was peaceful before he arrived and then he broke a window and it devolved into looting and chaos.

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George Floyd / Minneapolis

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USA: Members of the Indian community gathered outside the Capitol Hill in Washington DC to celebrate the foundation laying ceremony of #RamTemple  in #Ayodhya 

Beirut blast: Lebanon in mourning after massive explosion

Erin Burnett: "In 11 of the past 15 days, more than 1,000 Americans on every single one of those days have died from coronavirus. But the message from the President when he's confronted with this 1,000-person-a-day toll, 'it is what it is.'" "It does not need to be what it is."

Hospitalized Covid-19 patients who received transfusions of blood plasma rich with antibodies from recovered patients reduced their mortality rate by about 50%, researchers running a large national study said

"The Lebanese who would help me in the hours to come had the heartbreaking steadiness that comes from having lived through countless previous disasters. Nearly all of them were strangers, yet they treated me like a friend," @VivianHYee  writes.

"Mr. President. No it is not. It is not under control, and it's certainly not as much as you can control it," says @andersoncooper , as President Trump claims falsely that the pandemic is "under control" in the US.

BREAKING - With 100% of the vote in, Cori Bush narrowly defeats Lacy Clay in the Democratic primary. The Clay's have represented the district for 50+ years.

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The Trump administration is advocating for a new hierarchy of rights that would elevate religion and property over basic human rights.